Hyfire wireless fire devices improve safety at Bristol Port Company

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Introduction of wireless fire safety technology

The Bristol Port Company has recently upgraded its office complex with over 250 Taurus wireless fire devices.

This initiative, in partnership with Astron Fire and Security, aims to bolster the company’s fire safety infrastructure, ensuring compliance with the rigorous BS5839-L2 standards.

Opting for a wireless solution to overcome challenges

The primary challenge encountered during the upgrade was the presence of asbestos within the building structure.

This condition necessitated a solution that could be implemented swiftly and with minimal impact on the daily operations of the office complex.

Simon van Laun, Operations Director at Astron Fire and Security, outlined the situation: “The challenge presented by The Bristol Port Company’s office complex wasn’t just about its scale, but predominantly the presence of asbestos.

Wired installations would have not only been hazardous, but would have also incurred a massive financial outlay, so turning to Hyfire’s Taurus wireless devices was the logical choice.

“By harnessing this cutting-edge technology, we were able to efficiently tackle the issue head-on, ensuring that the building’s integrity remained uncompromised, while delivering a fire system that offers the highest level of monitoring and protection.

This project underscores the adaptability and reliability that wireless devices offer in modern fire systems solutions.”

Hyfire’s advanced wireless technology

Hyfire is renowned for offering the broadest range of commercial standard wireless fire devices, including optical, multi-criteria and heat detectors, as well as EN54-23 Approved VAD’s, all certified to EN54 and fully compliant with BS5839 Part 1.

The technology allows for the construction of fully wireless systems or seamless hybrid solutions, providing unparalleled flexibility to specifiers and installers.

Rich Williams, Regional Sales Manager – South West at Hyfire, commented on the project: “This project with The Bristol Port Company demonstrates the adaptability of our Taurus wireless fire devices, particularly in complex environments.

We’re proud to see our devices play a key role in safeguarding such a significant commercial space, demonstrating the unmatched efficiency and reliability of wireless fire safety solutions.”

Enhancing safety without disruption

The use of Hyfire’s Taurus devices, developed in Trieste, Italy, a global centre for wireless fire design, has enabled The Bristol Port Company to enhance the fire safety of its office complex effectively.

The devices feature Pathfinder Technology for extended communication range and optimised antenna technology for efficient operation across various environments.

Luke Nesbitt, LV Team Leader at The Bristol Port Company, emphasised the importance of the project: “Ensuring the safety of our staff and the integrity of our infrastructure is paramount.

In collaboration with Astron Fire and Security, and with the use of Hyfire’s advanced wireless technology, we’ve successfully enhanced the fire safety of our office complex without the typical challenges and disruptions that come with large-scale fire system installations.”

IFSJ Comment

The collaboration between The Bristol Port Company, Astron Fire and Security, and Hyfire represents a forward-thinking approach to fire safety, highlighting the effectiveness of wireless technology in overcoming installation challenges and ensuring compliance with safety standards.

This project serves as a testament to the potential of wireless fire safety solutions in protecting commercial spaces, demonstrating a commitment to safety, innovation, and operational efficiency.

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