Hyfire wireless technology pioneers in addressing school safety amid RAAC crisis

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Addressing the RAAC challenge in UK schools

Amidst Britain’s escalating ‘crumbling concrete’ crisis, Hyfire has taken a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of school environments.

The company’s Taurus wireless fire devices are being deployed in modular classrooms across the UK, offering efficient and swift solutions to institutions affected by the reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) controversy.

With a surge in demand for temporary classrooms, Hyfire’s technology ensures minimal disruption to the academic year.

RAAC, a lightweight concrete alternative used extensively in UK public buildings from the 1950s to the 1990s, has recently come under intense scrutiny for potential safety concerns.

Many RAAC structures are now considered beyond their lifespan, posing a significant risk of sudden collapse.

In this urgent situation, modular construction firms have been thrust into the limelight, with Hyfire’s Taurus wireless devices streamlining the installation and commissioning of fire systems in temporary structures.

These systems can also integrate with existing fire systems in other school buildings.

Innovative solutions for crisis management from Hyfire

Oli Barker, Technical Manager at Hyfire installation partner SPG Fire and Security, stated: “This is a growing and unexpected crisis, so modular building suppliers require an immediate and viable solution.

“We saw Hyfire as the obvious choice and once a thorough bench test was carried out in a mock-up site environment, it was given the green light.

“These systems have so far been installed in a dozen schools, all reaping the benefits of Hyfire technology.”

The flexibility and efficiency of Hyfire’s wireless technology have enabled SPG to meet tight deadlines, significantly reducing on-site labour time.

This approach has not only expedited the erection and commissioning of temporary buildings but has also enhanced their aesthetic appeal by minimising the need for extensive cabling.

The future of fire safety in modular constructions

Robert Bruce, National Key Account Manager at Hyfire, highlighted the synergy between the urgent requirement for modular buildings and Hyfire’s offerings: “Our wireless solutions are tailor-made for situations like this.

“The urgent demand for safe and efficient temporary structures is seamlessly addressed by the adaptability and robustness of our Taurus devices, which are perfectly suited to modular building systems.”

Hyfire was launched in 2007, introducing some of the first commercial wireless detection and alarm devices certified to EN54.

The brand has become synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation in the commercial fire sector.

Hyfire devices, backed by a five-year warranty and a dedicated partner programme, ensure the best survey, installation, commissioning, after-sales service, and technical support.

IFSJ Comment

The integration of Hyfire’s Taurus wireless technology in addressing the RAAC crisis in UK schools represents a significant development in ensuring the safety and continuity of education.

This innovative approach not only provides a rapid response to a pressing issue but also demonstrates the potential of modern technology in crisis management.

The adaptability and efficiency of Hyfire’s solutions offer a blueprint for addressing similar challenges in various sectors, highlighting the importance of technological advancements in maintaining public safety.

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