Hyfire’s TauREX software update transforms wireless fire tech

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Hyfire, a pioneer in global wireless fire technology, has announced the release of a new update to its TauREX software package. The upgrade, known as TauREX 1.3, offers a range of enhancements that will significantly transform the experience of anyone involved in installing or maintaining Taurus wireless fire systems.

TauREX software, designed as a single tool for the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of Taurus systems, has been a key component in the transformation of wireless technology from a niche to a mainstream choice in the fire industry. This latest update from Hyfire brings significant improvements, including enhanced usability and speed of programming, as well as a new feature that streamlines maintenance work.

Tom Crane, Hyfire International Director, said:”regular software updates are just one part of our commitment to making regular enhancements to the capabilities and reliability of Taurus devices and systems that support them. Thousands of fire installers and end clients have already chosen Taurus devices for their performance, efficiency, and reliability, and the latest TauREX update builds on this to deliver an even smoother, simpler experience for installers, fire engineers, and technicians.”

The new version of the TauREX software enhances usability, refines the process of associating network devices and field devices, and streamlines the programming and maintenance processes to make them faster and more convenient. The update also fine-tunes the EasyScan feature, enabling Taurus devices to be installed using a QR code, and adds an enhanced ‘Drag & Drop’ feature that automatically groups associated devices with the network node, making the software even more efficient to use.

Hyfire offers the widest range of commercial standard wireless fire devices on the market, ranging from optical, multi-criteria, and heat detectors to EN54-23 Approved VAD’s, all fully certified to EN54. All products offer the highest performance and quality in the industry, and are also fully compliant with BS5839 Part 1.

Hyfire’s commitment to excellence is not limited to the purchase of the product. Crane explained: “Our commitment to excellence doesn’t end when you buy the product; in fact, that’s just the beginning. We think that the customer deserves constant support and updates throughout the lifecycle of the product.” Hyfire provides software and firmware updates to ensure that Taurus products remain at the cutting edge of fire technology, maximizing the performance potential of the physical devices.

About Taurus

Taurus, developed in Trieste, Italy, the global center for wireless fire design, features Pathfinder Technology, which allows the devices to communicate over 1km, point to point in open air, and further where expansion hops are used. Antenna technology has been optimized to allow communication across different frequencies and environments, which means that Taurus can do the job with less equipment and less batteries, thus saving on costs.

About Hyfire

Since its launch in 2007, Hyfire has become synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation in the commercial fire sector. The Hyfire brand comes with a five-year warranty and is backed up by a dedicated partner program. Hyfire is part of The Orama Group, an alliance of companies committed to keeping people and their environment safe using the

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