IFE poll results direct National Apprenticeship Week towards an inclusive fire sector

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Survey highlights need for awareness in fire sector apprenticeships

As the country prepares for National Apprenticeship Week, a recent survey by The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) has shed light on the public’s perception of apprenticeships within the fire sector.

According to the poll, 57% of participants feel there is a lack of awareness about the wide range of opportunities available through fire-related apprenticeships.

Furthermore, another survey found that 45% of respondents believe the diverse job roles within the fire sector are not sufficiently represented in current apprenticeship programmes.

These findings underscore a pressing need for enhanced visibility and understanding of the varied career paths within the fire industry.

The IFE has pledged to promote further vocational routes into the fire sector, acknowledging the critical role of apprenticeships in the future of training across the built environment and other industries.

The results from these surveys highlight the significance of developing apprenticeship programmes that effectively showcase the full spectrum of careers available within the fire sector.

Enhancing pathways into the fire sector

In an effort to create more entry points into the fire sector, individuals who successfully complete their end-point assessment for the Operational Firefighter course at the Fire Service College in Moreton-In-Marsh can now apply for Technician grade membership at the IFE.

This membership is a recognition of two years of comprehensive practical and theoretical study, aligned with the competencies required in the field.

Steve Hamm, CEO of IFE, commented on the initiative: “The modern apprenticeship pathway not only ensures a more dynamic and inclusive workforce but also encourages individuals from various backgrounds and experiences to contribute to the fire sector.

“As a professional body, advocating for diversity and supporting candidates in their professional development is paramount.

“Our vision of a fire sector enriched by a broad range of experiences and socio-economic backgrounds continues to drive our activities.”

Supporting future fire professionals in National Apprenticeship Week

To assist those embarking on a career in fire, the IFE announced last year that its Student membership offering is now free.

This initiative extends to IFE exam candidates and individuals pursuing fire-related studies, providing them with access to learning resources, knowledge, and an international network of contacts to support their career development.

More information on Student membership can be found on the IFE website.

During National Apprenticeship Week, the IFE aims to raise awareness of the diverse opportunities in the fire sector, promote lifelong learning, and engage in discussions to challenge existing perceptions about apprenticeships.

IFSJ Comment

National Apprenticeship Week plays a crucial role in highlighting the importance of apprenticeships as a key pathway for career development, especially in specialised sectors like fire safety and engineering.

The findings from the IFE poll, highlighting the lack of awareness and representation in fire-related apprenticeships, are a wake-up call for the sector and underscore the necessity for a more inclusive and representative approach to vocational training in the fire sector.

The IFE’s commitment to broadening the spectrum of apprenticeship opportunities not only addresses the current gap but also sets a progressive path towards a more dynamic and diverse workforce in fire safety and engineering.

By offering free Student membership and integrating resources such as the Fire Service College course into their accreditation system, the IFE is making strides in nurturing a new generation of fire professionals who are well-equipped, both practically and theoretically.

This initiative also plays a pivotal role in breaking down barriers to entry and ensuring that individuals from various backgrounds have the opportunity to contribute their unique perspectives to the fire sector.

Such efforts are crucial for fostering a well-rounded, skilled, and diverse workforce, capable of tackling the multifaceted challenges of fire safety in the modern world.

The focus during National Apprenticeship Week to raise awareness and change perceptions is a commendable step towards achieving these goals.

The IFE’s vision for a fire sector enriched by diverse experiences and socio-economic backgrounds is essential for the evolution and effectiveness of fire safety practices globally.”

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