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IFSJ Announces Media Partnership with Antarctic Fire Angels

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A Trailblazing Expedition with Antarctic Fire Angels

International Fire & Safety Journal is proud to officially announce its media partnership with the Antarctic Fire Angels, an extraordinary team of female firefighters from the United Kingdom, who are preparing for an unprecedented expedition.

The team’s mission, set for November 2023, is to traverse the challenging landscapes of Antarctica to reach the South Pole.

The Angels’ venture will cover an impressive distance of 1,130 km, a journey undertaken entirely unsupported and unassisted.

The team will face temperatures as low as -50°C and potential wind speeds of over 60 mph while pulling 85+ kg pulks, or supply sleds.

Despite these daunting conditions, the Antarctic Fire Angels aim to complete the expedition in approximately 45 days.

This ambitious project represents a World’s First, as this challenging route has never before been tackled by an Emergency Services team.

IFSJ’s partnership with the Antarctic Fire Angels marks a significant milestone in supporting and promoting such a groundbreaking endeavor.

Antarctic Fire Angels: Changing the Narrative

The Antarctic Fire Angels team comprises three highly dedicated individuals: Georgina Gilbert, Rebecca Openshaw-Rowe, and Rebecca Hinchley, representing South Wales Fire and Rescue Service (SWFRS), Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service (DFRS), and Mid & West Wales Fire Service (MAWWFS) respectively.

1-ISJ- IFSJ Announces Media Partnership with Antarctic Fire Angels

Each member brings her unique strengths, experiences, and passion for challenging gender stereotypes to the team.

The Antarctic Fire Angels’ motto “You can’t be what you can’t see,” drives their advocacy for representation and inclusivity.

By pushing their physical and mental limits in such an exceptional expedition, they hope to inspire women and girls worldwide, emphasising that societal norms and traditional roles should not limit their aspirations.

IFSJ supports the team’s mission wholeheartedly, understanding the paramount importance of diverse representation, especially in areas predominantly occupied by men, such as the firefighting and emergency services sector.

Supporting the Emergency Services Community

The Antarctic Fire Angels’ expedition extends beyond a world-record-setting mission, promoting gender equality and embodying a deeply-rooted philanthropic spirit.

The team aims to raise £400,000 to cover essential expedition needs such as training, equipment, nutrition, advanced technology, and specialist technical support.

The team has pledged to contribute any additional funds raised to their nominated charity, the Firefighters Charity, an institution dedicated to supporting those in the emergency services sector who are living with trauma and injury, offering vital rehabilitation and recuperation services.

Beyond supporting their immediate community, the Antarctic Fire Angels are committed to other causes.

They are also allies to Mind, the mental health charity, recognising the profound mental health struggles that can arise from the demanding roles in emergency services.

They support also support Tree Sisters, an environmental organisation emphasising their dedication to the planet’s health and sustainability.

The Antarctic Fire Angels’ mission is backed by notable ambassadors who lend their voices and credibility to the cause: British broadcaster Lorraine Kelly, the presenter of ITV’s ‘Lorraine’, and retired London Fire Commissioner, Dany Cotton.

Ultimately, this mission is not just an expedition but a multi-dimensional fundraising endeavour aiming for profound societal impact. The partnership with IFSJ will help illuminate these philanthropic efforts, inspiring others to contribute to these causes.

IFSJ Comment

Duncan J. White, IFSJ Managing Editor, said: “I am delighted that we can play a small part in assisting the Antarctic Fire Angels to spread their message across the world using the global reach of the IFSJ brand.

“I have been following their progress with interest since the team launched their expedition and am extremely proud that we can make sure that their efforts don’t go unnoticed.

“We will be posting regular updates on their progress towards the South Pole on the IFSJ website and social media platforms as well covering the build-up and post expedition reaction in our print issues. The whole team at IFSJ are extremely proud of you all and wish you well on this exciting adventure.”

IFSJ Editor Iain Hoey said: “The Antarctic Fire Angels embody the spirit of resilience, courage, and commitment. Their mission is not just a test of physical strength and endurance, but also a strong statement about women’s abilities in the face of the world’s most extreme conditions.

“We look forward to sharing their remarkable journey with our readers. In partnership with them, IFSJ commits to providing regular updates and insights into this awe-inspiring journey, aiming to highlight the preparation, challenges, and successes encountered by these extraordinary women.”

Find out more about the expedition and how you can support it here:

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