IFSJ Exclusive: Eco-friendly innovation with Ultra Fog

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Unravelling Ultra Fog’s innovative and sustainable high-pressure water mist fire suppression systems with Marketing Director Mihaiela Bocancea

For over three decades, Ultra Fog has been at the forefront of advancing fire safety technology.

Born in Sweden and now a global entity, the company specialises in the manufacturing of high-pressure water mist fire suppression systems, offering a blend of superior quality, environmental sustainability, and innovative design.

With a rapidly expanding international presence, Ultra Fog is not only changing the way we approach fire safety but is also setting new standards for the sector.

IFSJ spoke to Mihaiela Bocancea, Marketing Director at Ultra Fog, to find out more about the company’s story, unique offerings, commitment to sustainability, and future plans.

Can you provide a brief overview of Ultra Fog, its history and mission?

Ultra Fog holds an esteemed position as one of the trailblazers that catapulted water mist fire protection systems into the realm of industry standards back in 1990.

What began as a humble endeavour has blossomed into a global presence, safeguarding a vast array of environments such as land, offshore, marine, rolling stock, and vehicles with our advanced water mist fire protection systems.

Our unwavering mission is to continuously enhance our products through annual fire tests while ensuring the utmost quality and reliability in everything we offer.

What kind of fire suppression solutions does Ultra Fog offer and how are they developed?

At Ultra Fog, we take pride in producing, installing, and servicing high-pressure water mist fire protection systems.

Our dedicated facilities around the world serve as hubs for the relentless research conducted by our expert team, many of whom have been with Ultra Fog since our inception in 1990.

It is through their tireless efforts and expertise that our exceptional fire suppression solutions come to life.

Can you explain what a high-pressure water mist fire suppression system is and how it works?

Ultra Fog’s water mist fire suppression systems offer robust, effective, and meticulously engineered solutions for applications that demand optimal fire suppression while minimising water consumption.

The magic begins with our high-pressure pumps, which forcefully propel water through our stainless-steel Ultra Fog water mist nozzles.

As a result, the water is transformed into millions of minuscule droplets typically ranging from 30 to 200 μm in diameter.

A single litre of water in this mist form generates around 4 billion droplets, covering a total surface area of 75-sq m.

When the system is activated, this deluge of water mist creates a protective blanket that maximises heat absorption from the fire, while the subsequent evaporation and expansion of the mist into steam effectively displaces oxygen.

Unlike traditional sprinkler systems, our water mist solution leverages the mist’s ability to present a significantly larger water surface area, facilitating rapid heat absorption.

Moreover, the mist remains suspended in the air for an extended duration, granting more time for heat absorption to take effect.

As a result, Ultra Fog systems cool and suppress fires while utilising considerably less water than conventional sprinkler systems.

Ultra Fog conducts yearly fire tests. Can you elaborate on what these tests involve and why they are important?

Our R&D department is bustling with activity, as our brilliant minds continuously develop nozzles that utilise even smaller amounts of water.

We proudly hold the title of the world’s top-performing company in terms of RO/RO garage area coverage.

But it doesn’t stop there: these fire tests are vital as they allow us to ensure that all our products adhere to environmental regulations while providing top-notch performance.

We are dedicated to extinguishing fires and minimising water consumption, all while staying ahead of the curve.

Can you explain how the high-performance nozzle in Ultra Fog’s systems works and what kind of spaces it can protect?

The high-performance wonder, known as our stainless-steel nozzle, is an ingenious piece of engineering that can safeguard spaces of up to 48-sq m.

With wider nozzle spacing, we offer not only superior protection but also reduced installation costs and labour.

What’s more, the patented design of our Ultra Fog nozzle boasts a unique feature—the ability to test the system’s functionality without breaking the frangible glass bulb.

Thanks to our innovative patented nozzle test tool, we’ve made it a breeze to ensure optimal performance without any costly mishaps.

Ultra Fog’s products are known for being eco-friendly. Can you explain what this means and how the systems contribute to protecting the environment?

When we say our products are eco-friendly, we mean business.

By harnessing the power of pure, drinkable water to extinguish fires, we’ve bid farewell to hazardous chemicals.

And here’s the icing on the cake: our high-pressure pumps allow us to use a staggering 90% less water compared to traditional sprinkler systems.

We firmly believe that saving water means saving our precious planet and safeguarding valuable assets.

After all, who wants to survive a fire only to find their valuables soaked beyond repair?

Luckily, with Ultra Fog, we’ve put an end to that soggy nightmare.

What types of industries or sectors typically use Ultra Fog’s fire suppression solutions?

At first, we dipped our toes into the marine field, protecting all types of vessels from fire.

But as time went on, we realised our mission was too grand to be confined to a single industry.

Now, we proudly serve an array of sectors and industries.

Whether it’s safeguarding trains, tunnels, high-rise buildings, aircraft hangars, various vehicles, data centres, offshore, or even cultural heritage sites, Ultra Fog’s fire suppression solutions are ready to rise to the occasion.

Ultra Fog has a strong international presence. How does this global reach impact your service delivery and customer relationships?

Our global reach is a source of great pride for us.

Our expanding footprint year after year allows us to establish meaningful connections with new distributors, agents, and clients worldwide.

It’s the secret ingredient that enhances our service delivery and strengthens our customer relationships.

By being closer to our present and potential clients, we can cater to their unique needs with greater efficiency and understanding.

What does the future hold for Ultra Fog?

We’re thrilled to announce the opening of our grandest headquarters yet, located in the enchanting city of Viareggio, Italy.

This monumental step forward will solidify our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

As visionaries, we see water mist as the undeniable future of the fire protection industry, given its unrivalled eco-friendly nature.

That’s why we’re determined to expand our range of applications and continue blazing trails.

And rest assured, we’re leaving no stone unturned—we’re on a mission to complete all approval fields with esteemed entities like FM and VDS.

Ultra Fog is ready to conquer the fire protection world, one misty innovation at a time.

This exclusive article was originally published in the August 2023 issue of International Fire & Safety Journal. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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