IFSJ Exclusive: Peace of mind on the front line with PBI

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Ian Callaghan, Vice President of Sales Europe, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia at PBI Performance Products, talks firefighter protection

Firefighters in the Middle East should be able to do their job with the confidence and peace of mind that their protective clothing that has been tested and proven in the field to provide the highest levels of protection.

PBI fabrics are designed to offer maximum thermal protection from the outside, while at the same time delivering high levels of breathability and comfort to reduce the risk of heat stress. They will not become brittle, shrink or break open when exposed to flame and high temperatures, which is among the characteristics of other fabrics. This means that the integrity of the internal layers of the garment is protected, and the transfer of any radiant heat is slower, allowing more time for firefighters to escape to safety in a situation such as a flashover.

In a post pandemic world there have been significant changes and challenges in in every country.  But the team at PBI have worked closely with their supply chain partners to successfully navigate through the issues and maintain our commitment to fire and rescue services.  But we recognise that while the world may be changing, the need for firefighters to have the protection to do their job to the best of their ability is a constant.

We are proud to support the IFSJ Leaders in Fire and Safety event in Dubai and look forward to a fascinating series of discussions that will provide unique insight into the region and its trends for the sector.

This article was originally published in the March edition of IFSJ. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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