IFSJ Exclusive: Say hello to Cygnus

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Austen Wells, Sales Manager at Cygnus, talks to International Fire & Safety Journal about the new brand

We are accustomed to using wireless technology in our every day lives. We use mobile phones with apps that allow us to turn our lighting on and off, switch on the TV, answer the doorbell and see who is outside, check our energy consumption and much, much more. However, when it comes to commercial building control, stakeholders have been sceptical about its use in their spaces.

Certainly, the wireless detection and fire alarm systems available on the market may not have had the capabilities and performance reliabilities required. But we are at now a point where wireless technology is robust enough and scalable enough to be used everywhere. 

Cygnus has harnessed its expertise with wireless technology to develop a game-changing, fully wireless and EN54 certified fire detection and alarm system called SmartNet. 

The name Cygnus derives from a constellation that was discovered in 1951 and is one of the strongest radio sources in the sky and reflects our development of the most powerful radio mesh network in any fire detection and alarm system. The brand has a strong heritage with over 10 years developing wireless technology, beginning with the launch of the original Cygnus radio evacuation systems for constructions sites, which became renowned for their range and reliability.

Launching SmartNet

The SmartNet range is designed to deliver a reliable and safe solution that offers significant reductions on fire alarm installation times as well as reduced costs for fire alarm installers, specifiers, M&E contractors and consultants. 

The system comprises of a comprehensive range of EN54 compliant and Construction Products Regulation (CPR 305/2011) certified fire detection and alarm devices suitable for permanent installation across all types of building environment.

Our intention for this wireless system is for it to be a game changer for installers. For the first time, it offers the sector a fully wireless system, which is quick and easy to install, and can be scaled effectively from small to large installations. SmartNet brings significant the operational and installation benefits of wireless technology to the market with no need for wired boosters, translators or any other wired element. It removes the often stressful first fix stage of an install.

By eliminating the need for cabling during installation, a SmartNet system can greatly reduce engineering time and the overall project cost.

Full training and support

The new system is designed to be fitted by SmartNet Certified Partners and Cygnus offers full training and technical support to its partners. The new Cygnus Academy is an in-person, high specification training hub for installers seeking to learn about the company’s new SmartNet wireless fire detection and alarm system.

Located at the company’s headquarters in Hereford, the Cygnus Academy provides a modern, fully equipped and comfortable environment where installers can complete the SmartNet one-day training course to become a Cygnus Certified Partner. The SmartNet course, combining both theoretical and practical training, provides detailed insights into SmartNet technology and the skills required to carry out a successful installation.

SmartNet is set to revolutionise the fire safety industry. It is a reliable, safe and a quick to install solution, built on wireless mesh network technology, that will transform the way you work, help you deal effectively with labour shortages and improve your business efficiency. It is also a highly sustainable solution that will substantially reduce the amount of copper wiring and other materials you use on a project.

Cygnus is not stopping with just launching SmartNet – our Cygnus Academy and our dedicated technical support services ensure we can offer our customers everything they need to deliver successful projects.

The Cygnus team will be at The Fire Safety Event on stand 3a/B10.

To become a Cygnus Certified Partner, installers need to attend training at the Cygnus Academy – for more details get in touch here: [email protected]. For more information visit, www.cygnus-systems.com.

This article was originally published in the April edition of IFSJ. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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