IFSM invites applications for council membership to shape fire safety management

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Overview of the IFSM council applications

The Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM) has announced that it is accepting applications for its council.

This call to action invites passionate individuals who are committed to influencing the future and driving change within the fire safety industry.

Prospective council members are encouraged to apply by highlighting their innovative ideas and desire to partake in crucial decision-making processes.

This opportunity allows individuals to significantly impact the strategic direction and achievements of the IFSM.

Role and expectations of council members

Council members play an integral role in guiding the IFSM towards its strategic goals.

They are involved in various sub-groups that focus on setting and adapting objectives aligned with the Institute’s mission.

The council ensures that these objectives reflect the overarching aims of the IFSM and contribute to its continuous improvement.

Members are expected to attend regular meetings, including subgroup, technical, and council gatherings, and participate actively in discussions and decision-making processes.

Additional responsibilities and membership criteria

In addition to attending meetings, council members are required to maintain an active and paid membership with the IFSM.

They are expected to contribute to the ‘Daedalus’ project through their subgroups and support the Institute’s services and schemes where appropriate.

Prospective members should have been associated with the IFSM in any membership grade for at least three years before applying.

The council also expects members to adhere to set procedures for organisational and operational tasks such as submitting agenda items and booking accommodations for events.

How to apply

Individuals interested in joining the IFSM council can apply directly through the official IFSM website.

The application process is designed to be straightforward, encouraging members from various backgrounds to bring their perspectives and expertise to the council.

This initiative not only enriches the diversity within the council but also ensures that a wide array of innovative ideas are brought to the table, fostering growth and development within the fire safety industry.

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