Illuminating the path to safety with Streamlight

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As Streamlight marks its 50th anniversary, IFSJ looks at some of it’s key lighting solutions

When firefighters head into the unknown, their equipment is their lifeline.

In these high-risk situations, every piece of equipment must perform to the highest standards, none more so than the lighting devices that pierce the darkness, guide their path, and quite literally light the way to safety.

This year, Streamlight Inc. is marking 50 years of manufacturing high-quality flashlight products.

Since its founding in 1973, Streamlight has grown from a small company with a single product to a global manufacturer of a broad range of high-performance lights for the fire industry.

Any firefighting mission can be fraught with danger, and the potential for a hazardous environment or high-risk situation can be found around every corner of your journey.

Even in broad daylight, time is of the essence and chances of success can be slim, so when operating in the dark, the odds can stack up against you.

Reliable, versatile, and high-quality lighting products are key to optimising success.

Trusted around the world in many industries, the team at Streamlight have worked closely with customers operating on the front line, ensuring they offer lighting solutions for every eventuality.

Whether spotting a catastrophe before it happens, planning a safe route over treacherous terrain, locating obstructions, or signalling to others, employing a Streamlight safety-rated torch or lantern could be the deciding lifeline in perilous urban and remote environments.

Streamlight’s latest advancements enable their lights to be used in some of the most dangerous environments, including the ability to operate in dense smoke, hazardous landscapes, and severe weather.

Some Streamlight models can illuminate a vast area or project a defined beam of light up to a mile away.

The company has developed products with unique articulating heads so a beam can be directed precisely where it is needed, while other units can be attached in multiple ways for hands-free use in situations where both hands are necessary.

Plus, Streamlight’s multi-fuel torches are easy to recharge and can hold power for extreme durations.

Here is a rundown of a few of Streamlight’s most popular lights for firefighting.

Survivor® X Right-Angle ATEX Light

The Survivor® X ATEX was recently introduced as an updated version of the compact Survivor ®right-angle torch, with new features for improved operations, 250 lumens, and multiple power options to suit user needs and budgets.

The low-profile light is available either as a rechargeable system or as an economical alkaline model, both rated Zone 0 for gas and Zone 21 for dust atmospheres.

The new torch features several improvements in response to user feedback, including an easy-to-operate battery door that provides a tight, dust-resistant seal, and a battery status indicator in the switch that turns red when the battery is nearing low voltage, flashes continuously when there is 15 minutes of battery life left and turns green when the battery is fully charged.

It also features an improved charge cradle design that locks the light securely in place, while also featuring a quick release latch to permit one-handed “grab and go” removal, even with gloved hands.

In addition to energising the new Survivor X ATEX, the new charger also charges all existing Survivor® models.

Vulcan® 180 HAZ-LO®  ATEX

The intrinsically safe Vulcan®180 HAZ-LO®ATEX is a multifunction and rechargeable high-performance lantern designed for use in hazardous environments.

Featuring a 32-hour run time on low, a 180° articulating head, and two ultra-bright blue taillights for visibility in thick smoke, this light is ATEX and IECEx-certified for use in Zone 0 locations faced by many first responders.

“The Vulcan 180 HAZ-LO ATEX is the ideal lantern for working in dangerous environments such as those with smoke, industrial hazards or inclement weather,” says Streamlight’s Chief Revenue Officer, Michael F. Dineen.

“With its 180° articulating head, first responders and other users can aim the light beam precisely where it is needed for task lighting purposes.

And because it is powered by a lithium-ion battery, it is one of the lightest weighing lanterns in its category.”

Dualie® 3AA ATEX

The Dualie® family of lights are intrinsically safe and feature multi-directional lighting.

The Dualie® 3AA flashlight is ATEX and IECEx-certified for use in Zone 0 locations.

Its bright light shines both ahead and downwards, helping firefighters avoid slips, trips and falls.

Powered by easily-sourced AA batteries, the Dualie® 3AA features two powerful LEDs and three output modes: spot, flood and spot/flood simultaneously for maximum brightness.

On high, the spot beam delivers 140 lumens, 7,300 candela and a 171-metre beam distance; the flood beam offers 140 lumens and 80 candela over a 18-metre beam distance.

The combined spot/flood setting provides 245 lumens.

On spot or flood, the run time is 18 hours; in the combination mode, the run time is 9 hours.

Enduro® Pro HAZ-LO® ATEX Rated Headlamp

The Enduro® Pro HAZ-LO®ATEX was introduced as the safety-rated model for this high-performance headlamp.

It is ATEX and IECEx-certified for use in Zone 0 locations.

“The Enduro Pro HAZ-LO ATEX is ideal in dangerous environments with potentially hazardous conditions that require flexible lighting options,” says Streamlight’s Chief Revenue officer, Michael F. Dineen.

“For example, the flood LED is strategically placed high on the light to ensure shadow-free lighting when mounted on a hard hat.

And the light’s 45° tilting head makes the headlamp easy to use in a variety of settings.”

Portable Scene Light II

The Portable Scene Light II is a 10,000-lumen rechargeable, waterproof scene light featuring a versatile steel frame and 360° rotating head for precise aiming.

It is the perfect scene light for marking exits, post-fire investigation, fire ground clean-up, mobile triage centre lighting, etc.

With zero deployment time and a compact footprint, the Portable Scene Light II requires no set up and is easily used in rapid response situations.

Housed in a high-impact thermoplastic, the virtually indestructible alloy steel frame can be stacked for up to three units, creating a bright “light tower” effect with even more lumens for multi-level lighting.

The hooked feet of the light are designed to hang on doors, framing and guard rails.

When it comes to firefighter safety, lighting should be a big consideration that is never overlooked.

International safety-rated products, like Streamlight flashlights, will provide you with the confidence and trust needed to improve the odds of success in any operation.

The right light?

Navigating through the unpredictable and often perilous realm of firefighting, the significance of reliable lighting tools is unparalleled.

These devices are not mere accessories but essential allies in the pursuit of safety and efficiency.

When assessing the market for such crucial equipment, Streamlight is an obvious choice.

For over 50 years, Streamlight has been committed to delivering superior lighting solutions tailored specifically to the challenging environments that firefighters face daily.

The need for enhanced visibility in an emergency operation, whether in a smoke-filled building or during a nocturnal forest fire operation, cannot be understated.

Streamlight’s high-quality lighting tools are designed to cut through the darkest shadows, providing firefighters with critical visual information to make life-saving decisions.

The scope of firefighting missions often extends beyond the familiar into challenging terrain and inclement weather conditions.

In these demanding scenarios, Streamlight’s lighting tools can serve as vital navigational aids.

With unique features like adjustable beams and multi-directional lighting, these devices offer operational flexibility, enabling firefighters to adapt swiftly to changing conditions.

Looking at Streamlight’s offerings, it’s clear that they understand the stakes.

With their strong commitment to quality, innovation, and understanding of firefighting needs, Streamlight’s lighting products stand as more than just tools—they are the trusted allies every firefighter needs when duty calls.

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