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Institute of Fire Safety Managers announces completion of inaugural scholarship research projects

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Overview of the scholarship initiative and research projects

The Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM) has announced the completion of its first scholarship research projects, with reports now available in its Technical library.

The initiative, launched in 2022, invited applicants interested in fire-related topics to apply for funding.

The two selected research projects, conducted from January to December 2023, focused on distinct aspects of fire safety and management.

Details of the projects will also be featured in an upcoming special edition of Daedalus.

Insights into authentic leadership and fire safety

Dr. Fiona Beddoes-Jones, a UK Chartered Psychologist from The Cognitive Fitness Consultancy, authored the report titled ‘Authentic Leadership and Safety Outcomes’.

This research explores how Authentic Leaders create a culture of Psychological Safety through support, integrity, positive role modelling, and trust.

Dr. Beddoes-Jones said: “Our findings demonstrate the impact of Authentic Leadership on creating safer work environments, reducing the frequency of incidents, accidents, and near-misses by fostering stronger Safety Climates.”

Fire alarm systems tailored for individuals with sensory sensitivities

Sonny White, a student researcher, examined ‘Fire Alarm Systems with Consideration of People with Sensory Sensitivities’.

White’s research focused on special education needs (SEN) schools, providing real-life examples of how to reduce adverse reactions to sudden loud noises like fire alarms.

White stated: “The study offers practical solutions to mitigate the distress caused by fire alarms in SEN settings and suggests measures to decrease false or malicious activations.”

2025 scholarship applications open

The IFSM has opened applications for its 2025 research scholarship, welcoming members, non-members, and students in fire-related fields.

The Institute aims to support research in various aspects of fire safety management.

Applicants are invited to submit their proposals, with the selected research receiving a financial grant from the IFSM Council.

The deadline for applications is 31st July 2024.

IFSJ Comment

The Institute of Fire Safety Managers‘ support for research through scholarships is a vital step in advancing the field of fire safety.

The completion of these projects not only contributes valuable knowledge to the field but also encourages ongoing research and innovation.

The diverse topics covered by these research projects reflect the wide-ranging applications of fire safety management.

As the Institute opens applications for its next round of scholarships, it continues to foster a culture of inquiry and development in fire safety, offering significant opportunities for both experienced professionals and emerging talent in the field.

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