Integrated Fire Systems joins PSI in strategic acquisition move


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In a strategic expansion of its fire and life safety platform, Performance Systems Integration (PSI), a leading fire and life safety services provider based in Portland, Oregon, has announced the acquisition of Integrated Fire Systems (IFS).

This development is set to bolster PSI’s presence across the Pacific Northwest, Mountain West, and Northern California regions, where it provides a comprehensive suite of services, including system inspection, service and monitoring, equipment and first-aid sales, cylinder repairs, and installations for new construction and retrofits.

Julie and Jim Rios, co-owners of Integrated Fire Systems, voiced their confidence in the partnership: “After meeting with the PSI team, we immediately recognized their commitment to building on IFS’s legacy. PSI’s philosophy and values were in complete alignment with our own. We knew that the opportunity for our team’s growth and our customers’ continued satisfaction was enhanced greatly by partnering with the PSI team.”

Located in Rocklin, California, IFS has established a strong reputation for its provision of consistent fire and life safety system inspection, repair, maintenance, monitoring services, and installations. It serves commercial building owners and property managers in the Sacramento, CA region.

Expressing enthusiasm over the acquisition, PSI CEO Travis Everton said: “We’re excited to add IFS to the PSI family. We look forward to providing expanded services and support to customers in the greater¬†Sacramento, CA¬†region and building on the strong business the team at IFS has worked hard to build over the years.”

About Performance Systems Integration

PSI is committed to delivering high-quality customer service through its “single-point-of-management” compliance services for all fire and life safety installations and inspections in the Pacific Northwest and the Northern California regions. PSI also operates cylinder requalification, cylinder maintenance, and fire equipment parts distribution businesses under the Fire King brand. 

With over 20 years of fire and life safety industry experience, its highly qualified technicians are carefully factory-trained and NICET-certified to deliver the highest level of services. Beyond compliance, PSI’s mission is to help save lives by providing meaningful fire and life safety protection and training. 

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