Intersec 2024: Middle East leads in quantum computing development

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Quantum computing’s promise in various sectors

The rapid advancement of quantum computing is setting the stage for a new era of innovation in the Middle East, with significant impacts anticipated across various fields such as scientific research, cryptography, finance, supply chains, logistics, and drug discovery.

This emerging technology is not only expected to revolutionise cybersecurity through the development of more robust post-quantum cryptography but also poses challenges to existing encryption methods, emphasising the need for preparation to protect against new risks​​​​​​.

Regional developments and global context

While the United States and China currently lead in quantum computing and cryptography development, countries in the Middle East, namely the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, are quickly emerging as significant players in this field.

The UAE, with its Quantum Research Centre and ongoing efforts towards productisation, and Saudi Arabia and Qatar, with substantial investments and initiatives like the Qatar Centre for Quantum Computing and the Quantum Computing Council for Saudi Arabia, are demonstrating their commitment to advancing in this domain​​.

Perspectives from industry experts

Rajarshi Dhar, Principal Consultant, Security, at Frost & Sullivan, highlighted the transformative potential of quantum computing.

He emphasised its capacity to solve complex problems more efficiently than classical computers, thereby shaping the future of various industries and society.

Furthermore, Frost & Sullivan predict a substantial increase in the quantum cryptography market over the next five years, driven by the commercialisation of quantum computers and the subsequent need for advanced security systems​​.

Intersec 2024: A platform for discussion and innovation

The implications and advancements of quantum computing in the Middle East will be a focal point at the upcoming Cyber Security Conference at Intersec 2024, set to take place at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 16-18 January.

The conference will gather experts, innovators, and industry leaders to discuss quantum computing’s role in cybersecurity.

Notable speakers at the event include His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Al Kuwaiti, Head of Cyber Security, UAE Government, and other regional and international figures.

Grant Tuchten, Portfolio Director at Intersec organiser Messe Frankfurt Middle East, highlighted the importance of the conference in enhancing understanding and cooperation in cyber security risks​​.

Cybersecurity challenges and showcases

The in{:cyber} Pavilion at Intersec 2024 will feature the Hack Arena, a three-day challenge for cybersecurity experts, and the Intersec Innovators Arena (IIA), offering startups a platform to showcase their products.

Additionally, workshops will focus on analysing attack scenarios and simulating cyber-attacks on financial institutions​​.

Intersec’s milestone

The 25th edition of Intersec marks a significant milestone, celebrating a quarter-century of innovation in security technology.

With over 1,000 exhibitors from 60 countries and 45,000 trade visitors, the event solidifies its status as a global hub for the security, safety, and fire protection industries​​.

IFSJ comment

The emergence of the Middle East, particularly the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, as leading players in quantum computing signifies a major shift in the global technological landscape.

The region’s proactive approach towards embracing and investing in this revolutionary technology not only positions it as a key player in the global market but also underscores the importance of innovation in securing a nation’s future in the increasingly digital world.

The discussions and collaborations facilitated by platforms like Intersec 2024 are crucial in paving the way for advancements in cybersecurity and other sectors impacted by quantum computing.

As quantum technology continues to evolve, its integration into various industries will likely yield transformative outcomes, marking a new chapter in technological progress and security.

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