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Ismail Cem Iyitoglu’s fire engineering firm, Atak Trade, makes global debut in London

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New fire engineering solutions on the global stage

Ismail Cem Iyitoglu, a recognised industrial engineer and entrepreneur, has recently launched a modern fire systems company, Atak Trade, in London.

Highly regarded within the Turkish fire engineering market, Iyitoglu’s enterprise is poised to make a global impact.

The firm promises to introduce innovative solutions aimed at enhancing property protection and life safety in the event of a fire.

Atak Trade: A new era in fire engineering

Headquartered in London, Atak Trade is devoted to bringing cutting-edge developments in fire systems to the global market.

The firm leverages years of experience, providing top-notch fire engineering solutions to both businesses and individuals in Turkey.

Now, the company is ready to embrace new challenges and capitalise on opportunities on a global scale.

Pioneering fire safety products

Atak Trade offers a wide range of premium products that adhere to the strictest safety and performance standards.

Their catalogue includes state-of-the-art fire suppression systems, precisely-engineered fire alarms, and robust fire doors.

Each product has undergone rigorous development and testing procedures to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency in fire prevention and containment.

Revolutionising fire safety through technology

Under Iyitoglu’s stewardship, Atak Trade’s seasoned team of experts has been developing technologies that aim to transform fire safety management.

These innovations could potentially simplify fire safety procedures for businesses and individuals, making property and life protection more efficient.

The company’s establishment in London paves the way for a broader global reach.

Located in a key business hub, Atak Trade can cater to the unique fire safety needs of diverse markets and industries across the globe.

Speaking about the company’s expansion, Ä°yitoglu said: “We are thrilled to be expanding our business to London and bringing our expertise in fire engineering to a global audience.

“Our innovative solutions are designed to help businesses and individuals protect their property and the people inside it, and we are excited to be able to share our expertise with the rest of the world.”

Atak Trade: Setting new standards in global fire engineering

With a steadfast dedication to fire safety, a broad array of top-tier products, and the potential of transformative technologies, Atak Trade’s London venture is set to redefine the international fire engineering scene.

This could provide businesses and individuals with an unmatched standard of protection and peace of mind.

IFSJ Comment

The global debut of Atak Trade in London could mark a transformative moment in the fire engineering industry.

By exporting cutting-edge solutions and products, businesses and individuals worldwide could gain access to superior fire safety systems.

The firm’s innovative approach is expected to make a significant contribution to the enhancement of global fire safety standards.

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