Johnson Controls introduces new evacuation alert system for high-rise buildings

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The FireClass evacuation alert system designed for improved safety and compliance in the UK

  • A robust system offering enhanced evacuation capabilities

Johnson Controls, a renowned name in creating smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, has recently launched the FireClass evacuation alert system.

The system aims to offer fire and rescue services an uncomplicated, user-friendly method to initiate an evacuation signal in high-rise structures.

This becomes especially pertinent for residential high-rise buildings in the UK as it aids compliance with the recently implemented BS8629:2019 code of practice.

This code necessitates the use of sounders or similar devices to alert inhabitants in case of an emergency and direct them safely out of the building.

“Swift and controlled evacuation is paramount when it comes to fire safety,” Tony Gryscavage, director of Product Management, Fire Detection Products, at Johnson Controls noted.

Recent incidents in London have highlighted the urgent need for re-evaluating evacuation protocols in heavily occupied buildings.

“London alone houses 80,000 high-rise buildings, with many more planned for construction across the UK.

The right technology is crucial in ensuring the safety of individuals living and working in these buildings,” Gryscavage added.

The FireClass evacuation alert system is intended to guide a safe and controlled evacuation using a zoned communication system.

It includes individual toggle switches that let the operator methodically activate and cancel the sounders to each floor.

The indicators further enable operators to confirm the sounders on each floor are functioning correctly.

As evacuation is initiated, LED identifiers located on the exterior of the panel show the status and power availability within each zone.

FireClass evacuation alert system: facilitating multiple building zones

The FireClass evacuation alert system features a two to four-loop power system that can support up to 16 building zones.

This system can be expanded by connecting with the FC-EAS-BB evacuation alert system black box panel or additional FireClass evacuation alert system panels.

Access to the panel is protected by a unique key to ensure operation is permitted only to first responders.

The system offers a straightforward user interface, which promises quick and intuitive operation during critical moments.

Safety and performance are further enhanced with the support of EN 54-24 certified speakers, sounders, and power supply equipment.

This evacuation alert system operates independently from the fire detection system.

This means it can be installed alongside new or existing fire detection systems within both new construction and retrofit buildings.

A highly durable exterior casing helps prevent tampering and keeps the system protected and ready for when it is needed most.

For more information about the FireClass FC-EAS Evacuation Alert System, visit

IFSJ Comment

The introduction of the FireClass evacuation alert system marks a significant advancement in the field of building safety. It is particularly timely in light of the updated BS8629:2019 code of practice in the UK.

The system’s simplicity of operation for first responders, and its capacity to work independently from existing fire detection systems, make it a highly versatile and valuable tool in the quest to enhance safety in high-rise buildings.

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