Kent Fire and Rescue Service to conclude contract with Eurotunnel in 2025

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KFRS to terminate long-standing fire cover contract with Eurotunnel

After nearly three decades of providing dedicated fire and rescue services to the Channel Tunnel, Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) has announced its decision to end its private contract with Eurotunnel by next year.

This exclusive arrangement, which has ensured round-the-clock fire cover at the critical crossing, is distinct from the public services offered by KFRS across Kent.

KFRS Chief Executive, Ann Millington, highlighted the evolution of the service’s commitments: “While the operation is no longer viable for Kent Fire and Rescue Service, fire cover and safety will not be compromised – there will still be a fire station at the tunnel with a full fire and rescue team.”

Continued commitment to safety

Despite the forthcoming conclusion of this longstanding contract, the commitment to safety at the Channel Tunnel remains unwavering.

KFRS assures that the protective measures in place for the tunnel will not see a decline.

The service plans to maintain a fully staffed fire station at the Eurotunnel site, ensuring that expert fire and rescue teams are always on hand.

“KFRS’ strong working relationship with Eurotunnel will continue, and firefighters at stations nearest to the crossing, such as Dover, Folkestone, and Ashford, will continue to respond to emergencies at the site when called out via 999, in the usual way,” Millington added, reinforcing the service’s dedication to emergency response and safety for the Channel Tunnel.

The search for alternative solutions

As the current phase of the partnership between KFRS and Eurotunnel approaches its end, Eurotunnel is set to explore alternative options for maintaining 24/7 onsite fire and rescue services.

This proactive approach ensures that the high safety standards and swift emergency responses that have characterised the Eurotunnel for nearly 30 years will continue without interruption.

IFSJ Comment

The announcement of the end of Kent Fire and Rescue Service’s exclusive contract with Eurotunnel marks a significant transition in the provision of fire and rescue services at one of the UK’s most critical transport links.

This change opens a new chapter in ensuring the safety and security of the Channel Tunnel, reflecting both organisations’ adaptability and commitment to public safety.

As Eurotunnel seeks new solutions for round-the-clock fire cover, the continued collaboration with KFRS and local fire stations will remain a cornerstone of emergency response at the crossing.

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