Kentec Electronics introduces advanced features to Taktis fire control panel

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Kentec Electronics updates its Taktis fire control panel with new features

Kentec Electronics has unveiled several new functionalities for its Taktis analogue addressable fire alarm control panel, designed to enhance the safety of complex buildings.

These updates are set to cater to a variety of settings including educational institutions, healthcare facilities, retail complexes, and critical infrastructure, alongside commercial and industrial buildings.

The new functionalities are engineered to mitigate disruptions by incorporating high levels of redundancy, thereby addressing potential failures in critical signal paths, which are essential for the robustness of fire detection systems.

In particular, the inclusion of multiple backup microprocessors aims to ensure that even if the main microprocessor fails, the system maintains operational integrity.

Enhanced compliance and network capability

The upgraded Taktis panel now supports networking of up to 127 control panels, which is crucial for large installations that require extensive fire detection networks.

This expansion capability complies with EN 54-2 standards, ensuring no single fault leads to the loss of more than 512 detectors, a critical feature for complex setups.

Moreover, the latest version meets the stringent requirements of BS 7273-4 for the electrical control needed for unlocking doors in the event of a fire.

Derrick Hall, director of sales and marketing at Kentec Electronics, commented: “The latest version of Taktis rubberstamps our commitment to providing the most advanced fire alarm control panel technology possible.

Taktis has become increasingly popular with members of the Kentec Installation Partner Programme because its features make their lives easier and deliver significant benefits for end users.”

Focus on reducing false alarms and ease of use

A standout feature in the new Taktis is the ‘hotel mode’, which is designed to minimise disruptions caused by false alarms—a common issue in hospitality and residential facilities.

This mode allows for the sounder in only the affected room to be activated initially, providing time for investigation before escalating the alarm.

The system’s usability has also been enhanced with a seven-inch full-colour touchscreen that supports multiple languages and customisable features, particularly beneficial for smoke control operations.

IFSJ Comment

The enhancements to Kentec Electronics’ Taktis fire alarm control panel represent a thoughtful integration of technology and user-centric design.

By addressing the critical aspects of fire safety, compliance, and operational ease, these updates improve the effectiveness of fire detection systems and contribute to broader safety and efficiency in building management.

This initiative exemplifies the ongoing evolution in fire safety technology, underscoring the industry’s commitment to innovation and reliability in protecting lives and property.

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