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Korean fire fighting training school set to open in Galle


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For the first time in South Asia, an internationally accredited fire fighting training school is set to open its doors in Galle, aiming to draw students both locally and abroad, as reported by Daily News.

A collaborative venture for training school excellence

The project is a joint venture between the Association of Firefighters South Korea and Troja international management and consulting services Biyagama.

Their goal is to entice students from neighbouring countries such as India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives for this six-month course.

Previously, the region had missed out on numerous high-paying international job opportunities due to the absence of a recognised fire fighting training institute. This initiative seeks to address that gap.

Dr. Nimal Rohitha Kahagalagewa, Chairman of Troja international management and consulting services, stated: “It is to fill this gap that we joined Association of Firefighters South Korea, one of the largest training schools in Korea.”

They are optimistic about starting the course in September and aim to train 500 firefighters in the initial six months.

Government support and practical training provisions

Director Troja International, Ravindra Gayanath, confirmed that they’ve received the nod and backing from the Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment, Manusha Nanayakkara.

The Minister has even allocated space at the Galle Town Hall premises for the course. Plans to promote this course in the region will commence next month.

In addition to this, the Galle Municipal Council’s fire fighting unit is set to be upgraded, enhancing the practical training aspect of the programme.

Kang yun jin, Chairman of the Association of Firefighters Korea, shed light on their keen interest in the initiative, especially given Sri Lanka’s recent economic challenges.

They believe this school will significantly bolster remittances to the island.

Future prospects and global opportunities

After completing the initial TOPIK2 course in Sri Lanka, students will be offered advanced training in Korea.

More than 450 companies in Korea are prepared to employ these trained professionals with competitive salaries averaging nearly Rs. 700,000.

The qualification will also open doors globally, with its acceptance in regions including Europe, UK, and USA.

Kim Song Chor, Chairman Association of Nursing South Korea, also highlighted a rising demand for caregivers in Korean hospitals.

A similar TOPIK2 course in nursing is anticipated to roll out in Galle by year’s end.

Chor, doubling as the Vice President at the Association of Fire Fighters, announced the introduction of volunteer teachers for these courses and the launch of online platforms.

IFSJ Comment

The establishment of this training school in Galle signals a significant step forward in fire and safety education within South Asia.

By offering internationally recognised certifications and bridging the gap for the region’s professionals, it not only enhances safety standards but also creates employment avenues on a global scale.

The collaboration between major brands and the support from local government entities underline the potential impact of this initiative on the regional and international fire and safety landscape.

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