Livingstone Academy enhances fire safety with Hochiki’s ESP range

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Livingstone Academy Bournemouth, a newly established all-through school, has recently upgraded its fire safety measures.

The Academy, known for its innovative skills development programme for students aged four to 18, has installed over 400 devices from Hochiki’s ESP range.

This installation was led by Southern Fire Alarms, a team known for their expertise in next-generation fire safety projects.

Fire safety in a unique educational setting

The Academy, catering to over 1800 students and staff, spans four stories of brand-new facilities alongside historical buildings, including a preserved magistrates and coroners court.

These courts, integral to the school’s unique educational setting, will be used for lectures and staging parliament-style debates.

Importance of safety and reliability

The installation of the fire safety system was a critical aspect of the Academy’s infrastructure, given its unique blend of modern and historical buildings.

J&B Hopkins Ltd, with over 40 years of experience in design and build contracting, was the M&E contractor for the project.

They collaborated with Southern Fire Alarms for the installation, emphasising the importance of safety and reliability in protecting the school’s occupants and preserving its educational facilities.

Choosing the right system for efficiency and effectiveness

With the school’s opening approaching, Southern Fire Alarms faced strict deadlines.

They sought a fire safety system that was not only quick and easy to fit but also simple to maintain.

Their choice, Hochiki Europe’s ESP range, is renowned for its swift and precise threat detection, enhancing response times and minimising potential damage.

This range is particularly beneficial for school settings, offering optimal protection and peace of mind.

Innovative technology and seamless integration

The ESP range’s cutting-edge technology ensures reliable and accurate alerts, crucial in critical situations.

These devices are designed for easy integration with existing systems, making them a cost-effective choice for upgrades.

The project managers found these features particularly appealing for the installation at Livingstone Academy.

Insights from the project team

Naomi Fell, the contract manager at Southern Fire Alarms, shared her experience: “We’ve worked with Hochiki products for several years across multiple projects and industries.

We chose Hochiki almost every time because they know how to design and manufacture reliable and easy-to-fit devices.”

At Livingstone Academy, the team installed standard smoke detectors and multi-sensors from the ESP range.

The ACD Multi-Sensors, fully EN54 accredited, were chosen for their ability to detect heat, smoke, and CO, essential in a school environment.

These sensors were strategically placed in areas prone to false alarms, like food technology and science laboratories.

“Our fit-out team appreciated the common mounting base for all ESP devices.

In comparison to others in the market, Hochiki devices are some of the simplest to fit without compromising on quality,” added Fell.

She also commended Cathy from Hochiki for her assistance in resolving supply chain issues during an industry-wide component shortage.

IFSJ Comment

The recent installation of Hochiki’s ESP range at Livingstone Academy Bournemouth represents a significant advancement in ensuring the safety of educational environments.

This project highlights the critical role of fire safety systems in schools, particularly those with unique architectural elements and a large number of occupants.

The collaboration between various teams, including J&B Hopkins Ltd and Southern Fire Alarms, underlines the importance of expertise and experience in such significant installations.

The choice of Hochiki’s ESP range, known for its reliability and easy integration, further emphasises the need for advanced technology in safeguarding educational institutions.

As fire safety continues to evolve, such installations set a benchmark for others in the sector, showcasing how technology can be effectively utilised to protect and preserve educational facilities.

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