Luminite introduces dual-function button to Alertex Fire range

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Luminite Electronics enhances fire safety with innovative addition to Alertex range

Luminite Electronics Ltd has expanded its Alertex Fire Alert range with a new unit that integrates both Fire Alarm and First Aid notification functionalities.

This development aims to bolster safety measures on construction sites, adhering to the Health and Safety Executive’s Fire Safety Guidelines.

The Alertex Fire Alerts, known for providing clear visual and audible fire notifications, are battery-operated with an impressive transmission range of up to 1 km line of sight.

Each unit, which can alternatively be powered by 12v DC, functions as a repeater to enhance coverage across complex site layouts.

Dual-functionality for enhanced site safety

The latest addition to the range introduces a dual-button system, with one button for fire alerts and another for first aid emergencies.

When the Fire button is pressed, all units on site will broadcast a default alarm or message, and the IP Bridge will pinpoint the activated unit, explained Luminite.

In contrast, pressing the First Aid button triggers only the activated unit, notifying designated personnel via the IP Bridge, which also manages alert cancellations and broadcasts all-clear signals.

The integration with third-party monitoring platforms, like Webeye, is facilitated by the IP Bridge, allowing for local or remote system supervision.

IFSJ Comment

The introduction of a combined Fire and First Aid alert unit by Luminite Electronics marks a significant advancement in safety technology for construction sites.

By integrating these functions into a single system, Luminite helps streamline safety protocols, making it easier for site managers to maintain high safety standards while keeping their teams protected.

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