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Major fire in Edinburgh leads to mass evacuation and firefighter injury

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Early morning blaze in Edinburgh

In the early hours of the morning, approximately 100 residents were evacuated from a residential building in Breadalbane Street, Bonnington, Edinburgh, due to a significant fire.

Around 70 firefighters, aided by 12 fire engines and specialist vehicles, responded to the emergency after the alert at 04:10.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) reported that one firefighter sustained minor injuries and received on-site treatment from the Scottish Ambulance Service.

Importantly, there were no reported casualties among the public.

Resident Harry Williams described the scene: “The fire alarm went off at about 04:00 and the fire brigade turned up.

It was initially a small fire contained to one small flat, however, that has spread to other flats.

We’ve got residents out on the streets looking at their properties burning.” Mr.

Williams also noted that approximately 150 people were on the street or sheltering at the nearby Leith Community Centre.

Impact on residents and properties

The fire rapidly spread, impacting several flats in the building.

Williams, an engineer, observed that five flats seemed heavily damaged by flames, with another 15 to 20 properties potentially affected by smoke.

Describing the emotional toll, he said: “People are pretty shaken and tired and upset. To be honest I am feeling a little bit numb.”

Graham Simpson, Conservative MSP for Central Scotland, who has a property in the affected block, was among those evacuated.

He remarked: “I have seen people in tears because they have potentially lost their homes. Everyone was evacuated and everyone is safe, so that’s the main thing.”

He also raised concerns about the building’s design, which he suggested hindered the firefighters’ efforts.

Response and support measures

Police Scotland confirmed the evacuation of approximately 100 local residents, with a police cordon established around the scene.

Edinburgh City Council stated that health and social care officers were aiding residents, and a rest centre had been set up at Leith Community Centre.

Council leader Cammy Day commended the emergency services for their swift response and confirmed ongoing support for affected residents and the exploration of temporary accommodation options.

IFSJ Comment

This incident in Edinburgh underscores the importance of effective emergency response and community support in the face of unexpected disasters.

The quick action of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and Police Scotland, coupled with the community’s resilience, exemplifies the critical role of preparedness and cooperation in crisis situations.

It also highlights the importance of building design considerations in fire safety.

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