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Man arrested in relation to Luton Airport Fire

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Arrest following car park fire

As reported by the BBC, a man in his 30s was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage after a fire at Luton Airport’s car park.

The fire, which occurred on 10 October, destroyed over 1,400 vehicles.

Details of the blaze

The fire started on level three of Terminal Car Park 2.

While Bedfordshire Police confirmed the man’s release on bail, it appears the arrest was precautionary, as investigations point to an accidental fire resulting from a vehicle fault.

A police spokesperson stated: “We are carrying out a thorough and diligent investigation into all potential lines of inquiry, as should be expected after such a major event.”

The car park remains unstable, and efforts to remove the damaged cars continue.

The origin of the fire seems to have been a diesel car, which then spread rapidly.

Airport authorities have indicated that the car park might be demolished and that the ongoing operation to remove vehicles will help stabilise it.

Impact on airport services

The Luton Direct Air-Rail Transit (Dart) was briefly suspended because of safety concerns, even though the shuttle system itself wasn’t damaged.

The Dart operates through a 500m tunnel near the car park.

A bus service was temporarily used as a replacement during the Dart’s closure.

IFSJ Comment

The fire at Luton Airport’s car park is an alarming reminder of the potential hazards within vehicle storage facilities, especially at major transportation hubs.

The rapid spread of the blaze, the immense property damage, and the considerable disruption to airport services underscore the critical importance of efficient fire prevention and control measures.

For a deeper dive into the implications and safety concerns raised by this fire, refer to our article Learning from the Luton Airport fire: structural collapse and safety measures.

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