Marine3 Fire: Mosmart UK’s innovative wetting agent

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Mosmart UK Introduces Groundbreaking Firefighting Solution

Mosmart UK, a prominent fire safety solutions company, is transforming Class A firefighting with its latest innovation, Marine3 Fire.

This mineral-based wetting agent, which is both cost-effective and user-friendly, is made from a saline solution devoid of harmful chemicals.

A unique blend of biodegradable surfactants in Marine3 Fire reduces water’s surface tension, allowing for better penetration and saturation of combustible materials.

Consequently, it extinguishes fires up to 80% faster than water alone, while also diminishing smoke and toxic emissions, and aiding in preventing reignition​​.

Marine3 Fire: Tested, Endorsed, and Environmentally Friendly

Independently tested and CE marked for use on all Class A fires, Marine3 Fire has gained the endorsement of industry professionals, including Sir Ken Knight, the former Chief Fire & Rescue Adviser for England.

At the Fire Industry Association (FIA) Fire Summit in Cyprus, Sir Ken lauded the product for its efficacy in extinguishing fires swiftly and using less water, highlighting its reduced smoke emissions as a significant advantage.

He emphasised the need for innovations like Marine3 Fire in the fire industry, especially considering the trend towards smaller firefighting vehicles in the UK with limited water capacity.

Products that are highly effective and economise water usage are crucial for efficient firefighting operations to ensure rapid and safe fire suppression​​.

Sir Ken said: “It is essential that the fire industry continues to innovate to improve effectiveness and efficiency, and to reduce its environmental impact.

“I was involved with the initial testing of Marine3 Fire at the Fire Services College where it clearly outperformed conventional firefighting methods on time taken to extinguish fires across a range of applications, whilst using less water.  In many instances, it also demonstrated a significant reduction in smoke emissions.

“In recent years, smaller firefighting vehicles have become more prevalent in the UK, with fewer crew members and less water capacity for immediate response. 

“As a result, particularly efficient firefighting operations are now required to ensure fires are suppressed quickly and safely. 

“A product like Marine3 Fire, which is highly effective and uses significantly less water, is incredibly important for the future and the safety of the public and firefighters.”

Marine3 Fire’s Potential in Wildfire and Waste Fire Control

Fraser Donaldson, Mosmart UK Director, pointed out the industry’s keen interest in Marine3 Fire’s potential in controlling wildfires and waste fires.

With the increasing frequency and intensity of wildfires globally, the enhanced water penetration and quick suppression capabilities of Marine3 Fire are vital in containing such fires and preventing reignition.

Its effectiveness in deeply saturating combustible materials also makes it suitable for use in waste and recycling centre fires.

Further investigations are underway to assess its applicability in high-rise fire suppression and sprinkler systems​​​​.

Donaldson said: “In the UK and across the world, wildfires are increasing in number and ferocity, and are often difficult to control since they can spread rapidly. 

“The deeper water penetration and faster suppression offered by Marine3 Fire helps to contain wildfires quickly and prevent reignition.  It can also be used preventatively to create protective barriers, firebreaks and escape routes.

“Similarly, Marine3 Fire is particularly effective for fighting and preventing fires at waste and recycling centres, as it can be used to deeply saturate high volumes of combustible materials. 

“We are currently investigating its suitability for use in high-rise fire suppression and sprinkler systems too.”

Compatibility and Ease of Use

Marine3 Fire’s user-friendliness is another significant feature.

It can be added directly to the main fire engine water tank or portable pump systems and administered through hoses as regular water.

Importantly, it is compatible with existing Fire & Rescue Services equipment, including in-line inductors, round-the-pump proportioners, and pick-up tubes, eliminating the need for additional equipment​​.

IFSJ Comment

Marine3 Fire represents a significant step forward in firefighting technology, offering a solution that is not only more effective in fire suppression but also environmentally friendly.

Its innovative approach in reducing water usage aligns with global efforts to conserve resources while enhancing fire safety measures.

This development is particularly relevant in the context of increasing instances of wildfires and urban fires, where rapid response and effective suppression are crucial.

Marine3 Fire’s adaptability to different firefighting scenarios and compatibility with existing equipment also underscores its potential as a standard tool in fire brigades worldwide.

Its introduction could mark a new era in firefighting, where efficiency, safety, and environmental considerations are harmoniously balanced.

About Mosmart UK

Mosmart UK is a leading fire safety solutions company, known for its innovative approach to firefighting technologies.

With a focus on developing products that are both effective and environmentally conscious, Mosmart UK has established itself as a key player in the fire safety industry.

Its latest product, Marine3 Fire, is a testament to the company’s commitment to advancing firefighting methods while considering the environmental impact and resource efficiency.

For further information, and to view official test videos from the Fire Services College, visit: or find Mosmart UK on LinkedIn:

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