Mobile SCBA management system developed by BAUER


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BAUER COMPRESSORS has developed a mobile SCBA management system to ensure that the air which first line responders breathe is clean, dry, and safely stored.

The RFIDPro SCBA Cylinder Management System allows fire departments to seamlessly log each and every SCBA fill event, to completely ensure that the air in each SCBA is clean and securely stored. 

SCBA cylinders can be scanned through the wireless handheld BAUER RFIDPro reader, which guides the user through the proper fill process. The system allows fire departments to manage every aspect of their SCBA cylinders in real-time, including cylinder expirations, hydrotesting, and repairs, while eliminating the workload associated with manually logging SCBA fills and inspections.

BAUER COMPRESSORS also ensures that each and every fire department’s data is completely secure, with cloud storage which is unique to each user, for total data integrity and compliance with data retention requirements.

SSL data communication encryption between the RFIDPro server and user, along with SHA-256 password encryption with optional two-factor password authentication, provides state-of-the art network security.

The BAUER RFIDPro system can keep track of when the SCBA was put into service; when and where it was last filled; what pressure it was filled to; and more.

The system also ensures that customers will not be caught off guard, since RFIDPro alerts the user when the SCBA cylinder needs to be hydrotested, as well as when it has reached its expiration date. This allows the fire department to seamlessly log every SCBA fill event for convenience and accuracy, while maintaining compliance with NFPA 1989 regulations.

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