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MSA Safety introduces new lightweight fire helmet at FDIC

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MSA Safety showcases new fire helmet and connected technologies at Fire Department Instructors Conference

MSA Safety, Inc. is showcasing its latest advancements in firefighter safety gear at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) International held in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This event, one of the largest gatherings for fire service professionals globally, attracted over 30,000 attendees this year.

At the conference, MSA Safety unveiled the MSA Cairns® 1836 Fire Helmet, which stands out in the North American market for its lightweight design and user-friendly features.

Details of the MSA Cairns 1836 Fire Helmet

The Cairns 1836 Fire Helmet is not only one of the lightest traditional-style helmets available but also enhances wearer comfort through its reduced ride height and improved balance.

Noteworthy is the helmet’s patent-pending slide-lock system that allows for easy maintenance without the need for special tools.

Named to honour the founding year of Cairns Helmets, this new helmet combines modern engineering with a respect for traditional values in fire service.

Expansion of the Connected Firefighter Platform

In addition to the helmet, MSA Safety introduced enhancements to its Connected Firefighter Platform at FDIC.

This platform includes a suite of hardware and software technologies designed to improve the management of personal protective equipment and the critical data associated with its use.

Central to the platform is the G1 self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), known for its industry-leading features.

Innovations in fire service equipment management

The Connected Firefighter Platform now integrates the MSA FireGrid software, which aids fire departments in digitizing equipment compliance checks and inspection schedules through its Inventory Management capabilities.

This integration is aimed at streamlining maintenance routines and extending equipment longevity, thereby enhancing overall departmental efficiency.

Bob Apel, MSA Safety Executive Director, Global Fire Service and Digital Experience, commented on the launch: “We’re excited about the new Cairns 1836 Fire Helmet and how it embodies our extensive engineering knowledge and our commitment to tradition within the fire service.

“The Cairns 1836 addresses the preferences for fire helmets that are low-profile, comfortable, and easy to maintain.

“We know helmets are more than just gear, they are cherished items, that serve a purpose to help protect firefighters.”

MSA’s commitment to firefighter readiness and safety

Apel further emphasised the importance of the Connected Firefighter Platform: “We strive to make firefighters’ jobs easier to help ensure they are always prepared and ready to respond.

“With a focus on ease of use and seamless integration, the Connected Firefighter Platform offers solutions that help improve safety and create true partnerships between fire departments and MSA.

“The result is that the work of firefighters to keep their communities safe is more efficient and effective.”

IFSJ Comment

The recent innovations by MSA Safety, showcased at the FDIC, mark a significant advancement in fire service technology.

The introduction of the lightweight Cairns 1836 Fire Helmet and the enhancements to the Connected Firefighter Platform demonstrate MSA Safety’s ongoing commitment to enhancing firefighter safety and operational efficiency.

These developments are crucial for ensuring that firefighters are well-equipped and ready to respond to emergencies with the highest level of protection and support.

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