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MSA Safety to bring back in-person demos of LUNAR System at Emergency Services Show

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Join MSA at ESS to experience the Company’s Connected Technology Platform In Use and Top-To-Toe Firefighting Protection Range

After nearly a year-and-a-half of virtual and remote technology to engage firefighters, MSA Safety will once again give fire brigades from around the United Kingdom the opportunity to engage with its technologies in real time as the annual Emergency Services Show returns this September.  As a global leader in firefighter safety equipment and technology, MSA will showcase LUNAR – the company’s latest breakthrough innovation to help make firefighting a safer profession.  Over the two days of the conference, the company plans a new, immersive and interactive experience on the trade show floor. 

LUNAR is a cloud-connected, comfortable to carry in hand and wireless device to provide enhanced thermal imaging, what’s beneficial for firefighters’ situational awareness, combined with Search and Rescue capabilities enabled by the Firefighter Assisting Search Technology (F.A.S.T.).


  • Firefighters know who’s in distress and who needs help;
  • F.A.S.T. provides first responders with direction and distance information to help find separated teammates and decrease response time; and
  • Incident commanders receive alerts as to who’s down and who’s searching for them – all while still having the ability to monitor the scene.
The LUNAR is the latest addition to the Connected Firefighter platform

According to Jason Traynor, MSA’s General Manager of Global Fire Service Products, the introduction of LUNAR delivers on the company’s vision of being a leader in introducing new-to-world technology that protects lives.  “We’ve always viewed LUNAR, and its many potential applications, as a major leap forward and game-changer when it comes to enhancing firefighter safety.

“Based on firefighter feedback that our team gained through extensive LUNAR testing and evaluations with hundreds of firefighters around the world, we believe LUNAR has genuine potential to change the way fires are fought.” 

LUNAR is designed for every firefighter on-scene, both those on air and off and is the latest addition to MSA’s Connected Firefighter platform – a suite of products that offer accountability and keep everyone on scene connected to each other.

“Accounting for all firefighters on a fire ground has been a consistent need expressed by the fire service profession, but it’s also been a challenge for many manufacturers to solve,” explained Mr. Traynor. “When we looked at what we could do to enhance firefighter safety, we used a holistic approach to build a connected ecosystem of products where the sum of the individual components is the key to keeping firefighters better connected – and safer – than ever before.”   

Other products comprising MSA’s Connected Firefighter platform, which will also be on display at ESS, include:

  • The company’s industry-leading M1 Breathing Apparatus which was specifically designed for the U.K. and International markets;
  • The MSA HUB base station – a small, modular device that enables on scene data and asset management;
  • FireGrid, which gives incident commanders the ability to evaluate and manage multiple situations at one time from any location;
  • A new M1 Control Module that monitors the proper functioning of a respiratory protective device;
  • A dedicated Entry Control Board for incident monitoring; and
  • The C1 voice communication module that allows for exceptional voice transmission when wearing breathing apparatus.

In addition to LUNAR and the Connected Firefighter suite of products mentioned above, MSA will also showcase a comprehensive line of industry leading fire helmets as well as the latest offerings in MSA Bristol fire protective clothing, all of  which represent a step forward in the company’s cutting-edge PPE of Top-To-Toe protection. On display at the show will be: 

  • The GALLET F2XR fire and rescue helmet – for specialised tasks and non-fire related incidents.  Touting modular “click-in” accessories, including an internal ocular visor, integrated dual-beam headlamp with tail light, and responder goggles, the GALLET F2XR is designed and third-party tested to meet the latest EN standards for Technical Rescue, Wildland Firefighting, and Water Rescue operations.
  • A refreshed version of the company’s iconic GALLET F1XF helmet, which  has been serving firefighters since 1985. The refreshed design features complete protection of the head, eyes, face and ears and now incorporates an enhanced lighting module and improved soft goods. Its extended face shield is the largest on the market. 
  • MSA Bristol’s EOS line of firefighter protective apparel, representing the latest addition to the structural firefighting equipment. The new line is sleek, modern and ultra-flexible, enabling superior maneuverability, all while providing protection against the build-up of toxic smoke particles.
The GALLET F2XR fire and rescue helmet will also be on show

Other MSA activities at ESS include official sponsorship of expert seminars at the Health & Wellbeing Theatre and the Emerging Technologies Theatre.

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