MSA Safety wins $15 million LA City Fire Department contract

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Global safety equipment manufacturer MSA Safety, Inc. has won a $15 million contract award to provide respiratory protective equipment to the Los Angeles City Fire Department.

This is the first phase of what is expected to be a two-phase order, with a second contract expected to total approximately $9 million. MSA Safety expects to receive the second contract from LA City in the third quarter.

Last year, MSA Safety announced a similar-size breathing apparatus contact with the Los Angeles County Fire Department, and with this contract, MSA continues to strengthen its breathing apparatus market presence in the Southern California region. The decision to upgrade Los Angeles City’s self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) technology was made after a comprehensive evaluation process.

Factors that influenced the department’s selection of the G1 SCBA were its advanced technology and connectivity features, as well as the ability to upgrade the SCBA with new technologies as they become available.

Each new SCBA will feature an integrated thermal imaging camera (iTIC), which places thermal imaging capabilities into the hands of individual firefighters. The iTIC is part of the SCBA control module that houses other various electronics, and is one of many advanced features associated with the G1 breathing apparatus.

Nish Vartanian, MSA Safety Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are incredibly proud to establish this new partnership with the Los Angeles City Fire Department. Most importantly, we’re honoured that the department has entrusted MSA with the responsibility of protecting the men and women who keep the residents of LA safe each day.”


With more than 15 patents, the G1 SCBA is the centerpiece of the MSA Connected Firefighter platform – a suite of advanced safety technologies that work in concert to significantly improve firefighter monitoring, accountability and communication. The SCBA utilizes embedded Bluetooth technology to transmit important data, including cylinder air pressure, battery status and various alarm indicators, to incident commanders via MSA’s FireGrid System.

Delivery of the new SCBA units is expected to begin immediately and be completed by the end of the fourth quarter. The SCBA conversion process will be led by representatives from MSA and Bauer Compressors, MSA’s distribution partner responsible for the sale and service of the contract. The Los Angeles City Fire Department helps to protect more than 4 million residents in the second largest city in the United States. The department has approximately 3,400 uniformed members, 114 fire stations, and handles more than 1,300 emergency calls each day.

MSA’s vision for the G1 breathing apparatus is to create the most advanced and versatile firefighting platform available, continuously raising the bar when it comes to deploying new technologies that improve firefighter health and safety. The G1’s unique ergonomic design, combined with an adjustable waist belt and wide shoulder straps, allows SCBA weight to be distributed more evenly on a firefighter’s hips. Collectively, these features make the SCBA more comfortable when worn for longer periods of time. Additionally, the G1 includes a “Central Power” feature that powers the entire unit from a single, rechargeable battery compartment, eliminating the need for additional batteries.

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