New compact smoke control panels from WindowMaster

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The compact smoke panel is designed to improve comfort

Danish CleanTech company, WindowMaster, has announced the launch of its new compact smoke control panel, WSC 104, as a latest addition to its range of innovative smoke and heat ventilation solutions. The new panel combines smoke extraction with comfort ventilation, providing fresh air to enter the interior while evacuating toxic smoke and gases in case of a potential fire.

WSC 104 is an upgrade to WindowMaster’s current model, WSC 204, and will be officially launched at BAU 2023 in Munich. The control panel can connect to either ±24V DC standard motors or motors with WindowMaster’s MotorLink® technology, delivering optimal smoke ventilation that preserves and protects. It is designed to help support compliance and automate the process of evacuating occupants in the event of an emergency.

According to Erik Boyter, CEO of WindowMaster, the launch of WSC 104 is the result of combining several relevant and requested functions with new modern technology, and leaves out the need for additional modules.

“Our clients are constantly having to adapt to evolving building safety regulations, so it’s vital we are adapting and improving our product base to dovetail and align our offering with their needs,” said Boyter

“The design process of any product provides challenges, but we’ve been able to combine several relevant and requested functions with new, modern technology. The result is one product that leaves out the need for additional modules. BAU 2023 presents a fantastic opportunity to introduce WSC 104 to our Europe-wide audience, demonstrating how it’s possible to achieve safety and sustainability simultaneously.”

The compact and user-friendly control panel is suitable for smaller interiors and other parts of a building, and has 3-wire multifunction technology that can be easily integrated into any existing cable network when retrofitting former systems.

WindowMaster’s WSC 104 will be available in the second quarter of 2023, offering an innovative solution for commercial interiors to meet evolving building safety regulations and achieve safety and sustainability simultaneously.

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