New documentary highlights the lives of America’s volunteer firefighters


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‘Odd hours, no pay, cool hat’

Coming this summer to theatres and digital platforms is a new documentary called “Odd hours, no pay, cool hat.”

This film, produced by Sub-Genre Media, a Vignette Production and Hold Fast Features project, is slated for a North American theatrical release on July 7, 2023.

Viewers in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Texas, Oregon, Tennessee, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, and Wisconsin, among others, will be the first to enjoy the screening.

Additionally, a digital release on TVOD platforms is scheduled for July 27, 2023.

A unique insight into the lives of volunteer firefighters

The film offers a peek behind the scenes of the volunteer fire service in America. Inspired by an original story by Peter Yoakum, the documentary paints a vivid portrait of the nearly 700,000 volunteer firefighters around the country.

In association with the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC), Hold Fast Features, and Vignette, the film pays tribute to the bravery, compassion, and community spirit of these selfless individuals. John Deere is also a key presenter of the project.

Why ‘Odd hours, no pay, cool hat’ matters

For an immersive 90 minutes, audiences will be given exclusive access to the inspiring journey of the volunteer firefighters.

They will witness the challenges, triumphs, and the singular mission of these individuals: to serve their community.

The head of distribution at Sub-Genre, Jordana Meade, expressed her excitement about the project: “We’re thrilled to release ‘Odd hours,’ a documentary that shines a light on the diversity of communities across the country helping their neighbours in the most unexpected and extraordinary ways.”

Co-director Cameron Zohoori added: “The film is entertaining, hopeful, and optimistic. It suggests that when it comes to the most desperate and important moments of our lives, we will drop everything and come together to help our neighbours.”

To watch the film’s trailer below, and find a showing at the official website at

About Sub-Genre Media

Sub-Genre is a distributor of specialised films for niche audiences, a producer of original productions, and a strategic consultancy agency. They guide brands through the process of leveraging entertainment for marketing and CSR initiatives.

IFSJ Comment

This film will shine a spotlight on the dedication and selfless service of volunteer firefighters. The impact of this documentary will be far-reaching, serving as a vital tool to foster community support and recruit new members to the cause. The heroes who serve without expecting anything in return deserve our attention and recognition.

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