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New informational guidance for flat fire safety published by UK government


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The UK Government has published a new leaflet for people living in flats, for landlords and for those responsible for residential buildings with advice and tips provided here supplement our main Fire Safety in the Home leaflet.

The leaflet was produced to support fire safety promotion by the national Fire Kills campaign and local fire and rescue services.

It contains guidance information for landlords about the steps they must take to prevent fires breaking out in the communal areas and to protect escape routes, with an overview of The Fire Safety Order and Housing Legislation.

The leaflet advises tenants who are worried that their landlord is not doing enough to ensure your safety, that they can contact their local council or local fire and rescue authority as both have enforcement powers that can be used to bring fire safety standards up to the required level.

It also covers: the responsibilities as a resident, including and tips to reduce the risk of fire, the responsibilities of the leaseholder, information about smoke alarms, what steps to take in the event of a fire and a ‘bed time checklist’.

The leaflet can be found here.

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