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Newcastle International Training Academy awarded JOIFF accreditation

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Newcastle International Training Academy has been officially recognised as a JOIFF Accredited Training Provider by JOIFF, the International Organisation for Industrial Emergency Services Management. 

The accreditation, which was awarded by industry experts from the emergency services, recognises training providers who offer high quality training courses, facilities and a great learning experience capable of developing competency of emergency response personnel.

Gerry Johnson and Craig Kelsall, Consultants on behalf of JOIFF, visited Newcastle International Training Academy to undertake an audit of the training provisions and awarded the accreditation later that day. Formally recognising courses such as the Firefighter Bridging and Breathing Apparatus Instructor as trusted high quality training.

Gerry Johnson, JOIFF Auditor, said: “JOIFF are pleased to announce that Newcastle International Training Academy has recently been awarded the status of JOIFF Accredited Training Provider.

“This followed a rigorous audit of three elements of accreditation, including; looking at their establishment, including safety management systems and procedures; instruction, covering instructor experience, qualifications and mentoring systems; and the course programmes, looking at course content, and frequency of updating.

“We look forward to working closely with the management and team of the organisation in the future.”

Gary Wright, Fire Station Manager at Newcastle International Airport, said: “We are delighted that we have become a JOIFF accredited training provider. 

“At Newcastle International Training Academy, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality training. This accreditation highlights the calibre of training provided and is a testament to the team’s hard work.

“We look forward to delivering a wide range of JOIFF accredited courses to our industrial and aviation customers.”

JOIFF is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to developing the knowledge, skills, understanding and competence of Emergency Services Management by working to improve standards of safety and the working environment in those sectors in which its members operate.

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