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NFCC promotes the Fleur Lombard Bursary for fire and rescue service staff

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NFCC’s encouragement for fire and rescue service professionals

The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) is actively encouraging fire and rescue service staff to apply for the Fleur Lombard Bursary.

According to their recent announcement, this bursary intends to advance the education of junior members by granting them bursaries.

Opportunities the bursary offers

The bursary provides an opportunity for them to travel and study fire and rescue service-related issues, either within the UK, Europe, or even worldwide.

Those who are curious about issues impacting their fire and rescue service or wish to enhance their comprehension of these issues should consider applying.

Staff members up to the position of Watch Manager or its corporate equivalent from any UK fire and rescue service can apply for funding that supports a research trip.

The bursary emphasizes self-directed study, and aspirants should showcase at least one of the following objectives:

  • Reducing fires.
  • Minimising death and injury by fire.
  • Preventing damage to property and the environment from fires.
  • Reducing the risk of death or injury to firefighters.
  • And providing career development opportunities from the study.

For further details and the funding application, visit the Avon Fire and Rescue Service’s website.

Memorialising Fleur Lombard

The bursary was established in remembrance of Firefighter Fleur Lombard.

She was tragically the first female firefighter to die on duty during peacetime Britain.

Her untimely demise in 1996 occurred while she combated a supermarket blaze in Staple Hill, Bristol.

In tribute to her valour, she was posthumously honoured with the Queen’s Gallantry Medal and Chief Fire Officer’s Commendation.

Following her death, a trust fund was instituted to honour her dedication, bravery, and professionalism.

Krissy Foster-Pullen, a Station Manager Control at Avon Fire & Rescue Service, shared her experience: “I would encourage anyone with an idea or interest to apply for the bursary. It’s a unique chance to learn about fire and rescue services across the globe.”

IFSJ Comment

The NFCC’s push for applications to the Fleur Lombard Bursary reinforces the global commitment to continuous learning and professional development in the fire and rescue service sector.

Firefighter Fleur Lombard’s legacy, epitomised by this bursary, offers an invaluable opportunity for junior members to gain insights from different firefighting methods, techniques, and cultures around the world.

By doing so, they can introduce innovative ideas and practices to their respective fire and rescue services.

About the NFCC

The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) is a pivotal organisation in the UK’s fire and rescue service community.

With its primary focus on operational professionalism, effectiveness, and efficiency, the NFCC plays a vital role in driving the highest standards of service delivery, providing robust professional advice, and supporting its member organisations.

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