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NFPA CEO advocates for embracing digital transformation and updated safety measures

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In a compelling address at the General Session of the annual NFPA Conference and Expo held in Las Vegas, Jim Pauley, President and CEO of the NFPA, advocated for the adoption of digital transformation and the evolution of safety measures to keep pace with an increasingly dynamic world.

Digital transformation, a driving force for industry change

Addressing a diverse gathering from across the United States and over 60 countries, Pauley elaborated on the dramatic effect of digital transformation on everyday tasks: “It is necessary to adapt to these changes to create value for users, improve efficiency, and achieve better outcomes.” He pointed out the facts: this year, digital transformation initiatives are forecasted to generate $2.3 trillion in spending, with nine out of ten executives agreeing that it will profoundly transform their sectors.

The urgency for advanced safety measures

In his address, Pauley also emphasised the need for heightened safety measures to complement emerging technologies. His specific references included lithium-ion batteries, which power a wide range of devices and extensive energy storage systems globally. He recalled unfortunate incidents and acknowledged the NFPA’s role in reducing such risks by creating standards, training experts, and spearheading research.

Pauley shone a spotlight on the ongoing threats of domestic and wildfires, reporting a rising trend in home fire fatalities over the past ten years, and reminding us that around 75% of fire deaths occur in homes: “There is a clear need for the installation of functioning smoke alarms and sprinklers.” He also highlighted the NFPA Fire and Life Safety Ecosystem’s role in promoting this and spoke about the association’s Outthink Wildfire initiative, which advocates for stronger policy measures in areas vulnerable to wildfires.

NFPA’s strides in digital evolution

Pauley outlined the NFPA’s digital progression, focusing on the growth of their main digital platform, NFPA LiNK. This platform, home to nearly 1500 of the NFPA’s codes and standards translated into multiple languages, offers instantaneous access to safety regulations and has grown exponentially since its inception: “It aids companies, government bodies, and individuals alike in their journey towards digital transformation.”

The CEO highlighted the NFPA’s digital efforts in their training and certification programmes, citing the provision of more than 300 online courses and the introduction of an augmented reality learning experience for wildfire mitigation. The NFPA’s online training programme for electric vehicles has now reached over three hundred thousand first responders.

Lastly, Pauley announced a comprehensive update to the NFPA website, due to provide a smooth, user-friendly experience with improved search functions and a built-in translation platform when it becomes operational later this summer. He encouraged attendees to provide feedback on the new site at the NFPA stand at the Expo.

A call to action from the NFPA

To conclude, Pauley reiterated the NFPA’s determination to address the fire, life, and electrical safety challenges of our times, emphasising the critical role of the community in this journey. His closing remark encapsulated his inclusive call to action: “It’s a big world. Let’s protect it together.”

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