NSA Bahrain’s fire and emergency services department honoured with multiple awards

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NSA Bahrain receives prestigious awards from Commander, Navy Region Europe, Africa, Central

The NSA Bahrain Fire and Emergency Services Department (NSAB FESD) has been recognised with three major annual awards for the fiscal year 2023 by Commander, Navy Region Europe, Africa, Central (EURAFCENT).

The department stood out among seven nomination packages, winning the EURAFCENT Fire Prevention Program of the Year.

Battalion Chief Thanzeer Basheer and Captain Redmond Floyd were honoured as Fire Officer of the Year and EURAFCENT Fire Inspector of the Year, respectively.

Furthermore, NSA Bahrain was the runner-up for EURAFCENT Fire Department of the Year in the small department category, and Firefighter Gihan Chamira Polketiyage was a runner-up for EURAFCENT Firefighter of the Year.

These accolades qualify NSAB FESD to compete at the Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) level, offering them a chance to be acknowledged as the best in their respective categories on a broader scale.

Leadership’s perspective on the achievements

Fire Chief Shawn Herrera shared insights into what these recognitions represent for the department and NSA Bahrain as a whole: “These awards are significantly important to us because we were voted by the Region command team, representing the installation and Region at the CNIC level.

“These awards are the true validation of what every personnel in our department is capable of in meeting our standards and provide service to the community.”

Herrera also extended his congratulations to Basheer for his dedication, initiative, and leadership, notably his role in the department achieving accreditation by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International in March 2023 and becoming the first locally-hired NSAB FESD personnel to receive Navy Region Emergency Medical Technician certification.

Recognition of individual contributions

“I am very honoured to receive this recognition,” Basheer stated, expressing his pride in being part of the organisation.

Captain Redmond Floyd, a certified risk assessment code reduction specialist since June 2022, played a critical role in enhancing the inspection abatement process, leading to a significant decrease in overall risk assessment codes.

Herrera praised Floyd for his positive attitude and dedication to improving his craft daily, affirming that he truly deserves this recognition.

The importance of diversity in NSAB FESD

The diversity within NSAB FESD, comprising personnel from the U.S., Bahrain, India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and India, was highlighted by Capt. Zachariah Aperauch, commanding officer, NSA Bahrain.

He believes this diversity is a key strength of the unit: “Our FESD is unique, combining the team’s diversity and collective talents in order to operate as a unified emergency response force.

“I know how special of a team we have here, and these awards from EURAFCENT are a testament to that.

“I couldn’t be prouder of the NSAB FESD and their superior performance, pursuit of excellence, and commitment to the installation and everyone on board.”

IFSJ Comment

The NSA Bahrain Fire and Emergency Services Department’s recognition by the Commander, Navy Region Europe, Africa, Central highlights the department’s exceptional commitment to fire safety and emergency services.

These awards are a testament to the hard work, dedication, and expertise of the entire team, from leadership to individual firefighters.

The recognition of specific individuals such as Battalion Chief Thanzeer Basheer and Captain Redmond Floyd further underscores the personal commitment to excellence within the department.

As NSAB FESD moves forward to compete at the CNIC level, their achievements serve as a model of excellence and dedication for fire and emergency services worldwide.

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