Olympia Electronics acquire BSI certification


Olympia Electronics S.A. have acquired a certificate from the European reputable BSI quality certification laboratory for the SPOT LIGHT series. These self-tested luminaires are ideal for various architectural projects such us hotels, shopping malls, skyscrapers, etc.

The decision of strengthening the certification process for our products, constitutes our top strategic upgrade choice. All the certifications, are the “key” to the competitive advantage Olympia Electronics S.A. has, and resembles the one-way to the increase of  its extroversion.

With exports to more than 72 countries and its primary target quality, the company has adopted production and control procedures in recent years, which have resulted in the market for products that are fully compliant with European standards (EN). Most of its products have certificates from various laboratories such as LPCB, LLOYD’S, BSI, HEEQAC, EVPU, etc.