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Orama Group to make FIREX debut

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Wireless fire safety solutions providers Ramtech and Hyfire will showcase their products at FIREX 2023 as part of The Orama Group, a collaboration that represents the industry’s commitment to working together.

The Orama Group was formed in 2022 through Halma Group’s investment and ownership, and already covers over 30 global geographies, utilising its combined expertise to develop new wireless technologies and solutions.

FIREX is one of Europe’s largest fire safety events and offers industry wide opportunity to connect, learn, source and discover the latest in life-saving technology. The group said it is confident that FIREX matches it mission to shape a safer world through innovation, with a culture built on thinking digitally, acting transparently, being accountable and staying close to customers.

The Orama Group first presented itself in the metaverse, to contextualise the technological vision, and FIREX will be its next appearance from 16 to18 May 2023.


Ramtech regularly launches new and improved versions of its most successful products – such as the audio recording feature on its REACT platform, which will be demonstrated live throughout FIREX – showcasing its commitment to seeking greater awareness and answers for its customers’ problems.

Adam Jurka, sales manager at Ramtech, said: “This year will be the first time that Ramtech and Hyfire attend FIREX under the collective group name. We hope this sends a message to our clients and competitors that collaboration is going to remain a key driver in achieving industry betterment.

“Everyone attending this year’s event cares deeply about protecting people and places, so we aim to remind the industry that there is a host of benefits to be shared by investing in technological solutions, which can save lives and protect firms from costly asset and reputational damage.”

Construction is one of Ramtech’s key sectors and its automatic 24/7 Water Leak Detection (WLD) offering, launched late last year, is an example of an integrated solution. Ramtech believes that the WLD system, combined with its established WES3 fire safety offering, is a significant stride forward in the digitisation of construction, as proven by a recent high-profile awards ceremony shortlisting.

Jurka added: “While fire is responsible for the largest insurance losses in construction, escape of water is still the most common – and most costly – for construction project teams. By extending functionality of our wireless solutions to also cover WLD, which can connect into our fire and evacuation WES system, construction professionals can begin improving site safety in a matter of minutes.”


Hyfire will present the Taurus wireless fire solution, including the TauREX software for programming and setting up the Taurus system. This year the firm is set to release an updated version of the configuration tool, which includes new features to empower users, save time and minimise effort when programming and maintaining the system.

Diana Cristin, head of marketing and international business development at Hyfire, said: “FIREX offers us an opportunity to present and communicate our own tried and tested solutions, while reaffirming our commitment to strategic industry alliances. Alongside Ramtech, we will be bringing Orama’s vision to FIREX with excitement and intrigue – opening up the floor to questions, feedback and new ideas which we know people will have.

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