Participate in the 2023 market conditions survey and shape the UK fire industry


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Fire industry professionals encouraged to take part in vital survey

The Fire Industry Association (FIA) is extending an invitation to all businesses in the fire sector to participate in their annual Market Conditions Survey.

Launched today, 3rd August 2023, this initiative seeks to assess the current state of the UK fire industry.

Shaping the future of the fire industry

The survey, estimated to take a brief five minutes to complete, offers industry professionals the chance to offer vital insights into prevailing trends.

From skilled to unskilled worker ratios and apprenticeship opportunities to payment periods and supplier cost changes, the scope of the survey aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the fire industry.

How your input can transform the fire industry

These insights are more than just data; they are a means of predicting future market trends.

This forward-thinking approach enables businesses to make informed decisions, directly shaping the future of the fire industry.

With responses to be compiled into a comprehensive, publicly accessible report, participation ensures a transparent and unbiased reflection of the industry.

While participating in the survey directly contributes to the fire industry’s growth, participants also stand a chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher.

To have your say in shaping the future of the fire industry, simply follow the link and use the password: FIAMCSW15.

IFSJ Comment

The FIA’s annual Market Conditions Survey provides an invaluable snapshot of the UK fire industry, offering businesses within the sector unique insights that can drive innovation, increase efficiency, and promote growth.

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