Perimeter Solutions acquires PHOS-CHEK® Australasia


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Perimeter Solutions announced that it has acquired its long-time Australian distributor PHOS-CHEK® Australasia. The PHOS-CHEK Australasia business has supported the long-term fire retardant aerial program across Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years. Joining Perimeter Solutions will be Helen Barker, Jim Gillie and Rob Mayne, who have worked in operations, mixmaster, supply and customer management positions. The acquisition is effective immediately.

According to Shannon Horn, Business Director, North America Retardant and Services for Perimeter Solutions, the effect of the acquisition will be to provide enhanced direct product support along with added equipment and personnel resources to fire safety agencies throughout the region. “PHOS-CHEK Australasia personnel have worked side-by-side with the Perimeter Solutions Asia-Pacific team in providing fire retardant solutions to fire safety agencies throughout Australia and New Zealand for years,” he said.

James Perriss, General Manager – Asia-Pacific for Perimeter Solutions, said: “This acquisition is a natural step toward solidifying Perimeter Solutions as the premier fire safety technology supplier in the area. We’re excited about having Helen, Jim and Rob joining our team and look forward to taking the next step in providing our customers with the best technology and best support.”

Perimeter Solutions offers the most comprehensive set of fire retardant solutions on the market today – featuring technology development, products, services, training and equipment. Perimeter Solutions’ PHOS-CHEK and FIRE-TROL® fire retardants help slow, stop and prevent the start of wildfires by making wildland fuels non-flammable. Aerial retardants are applied by air – via fixed or rotor wing aircraft. They are also applied on the ground using standard engines or one of Perimeter Solutions’ dedicated ground-applied retardant units. All products have a high level of fire retardant effectiveness, with differences in visibility, viscosity, adherence to vegetation and persistence through weathering.

Perimeter Solutions supports its long-term fire retardants with a broad range of service and equipment solutions. These include a complete line of mixing systems for all PHOS-CHEK products. Systems range from small scale hopper mixer systems designed to use pails of powder to large-scale eductors, batch mixers and liquid blender systems. Systems can be fabricated and customized for a particular need. In support of firefighting operations, PHOS-CHEK personnel are fully National Wildland Coordinating Group (NWCG) trained and fire ground certified.

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