Perimeter Solutions launches ‘Know Your Foam’ training to bridge firefighting foam knowledge gap

Perimeter Solutions has appointed a new Regional Sales Representative for the Middle East and a Regional Sales Representative for India.

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Complimentary training sessions initiated to enhance understanding and efficient use of firefighting foam

Perimeter Solutions, a globally renowned producer of firefighting products and lubricant additives, has embarked on a mission to train fire departments and various other fire management organisations across the United States on the use of Class A and Class B firefighting foam.

The ‘Know Your Foam’ course, provided free of charge, spans four hours and delivers both theoretical and practical training to firefighters on the correct usage of firefighting foam.

Bridging the foam knowledge gap

According to Norbe Puroll, the ‘Know Your Foam’ program leader at Perimeter Solutions: “Right now, there is a knowledge gap among firefighters about the use of foam and the advantages it introduces to firefighting when compared with exclusively using water to battle a fire.”

During the session, participants are shown how to correctly apply firefighting foam, a resource that enhances the overall efficacy of water in firefighting by hastening heat reduction and minimising the probability of a fire reigniting.

Puroll further elucidated: “Quicker extinguishment time helps lower the chance of a firefighter injury, creates less water damage, and improves the chance of saving any potentially trapped residents.

“This also reduces fuel cost and decreases the wear and tear on trucks that are no longer required to remain onsite as long.”

Highlighting foam’s effectiveness and resource conservation

Perimeter Solutions uses the Los Angeles County Fire Department Palmdale Study to illustrate foam’s superior performance.

The study found that the water needed to extinguish a specific Class A fire fell from 73 gallons to 44 gallons with the addition of foam.

Incorporation of compressed air foam further cut down the requirement to just 16 gallons.

Additionally, using foam reduced the cooling time of a fire from 600° F to 200° F from six minutes to a mere one minute and 45 seconds, significantly increasing survivable space for both firefighters and occupants.

Practical benefits of ‘Know Your Foam’ sessions

Attendees of the ‘Know Your Foam’ session receive instructions on using manual eductors and foam injection systems and gain knowledge on how foam can be employed with their existing equipment.

Furthermore, they receive tips on in-house maintenance for ensuring their equipment is always ready, and insights derived from years of experience using firefighting foam.

The training also covers the proper usage of different suppressant agents including Class A and B, wet water, air/ground applied retardants, and gels.

A special focus is laid on the usage of newer fluorine-free Class B foams, a subject of growing interest among fire management organisations required to use MIL-SPEC products.

“We need to reinforce good foam application tactics as the way you suppress flames with Class B fluorine-free foams when used on flammable liquids. Firefighters who completed foam training even as recently as two years ago will learn something new by attending a ‘Know Your Foam’ session,” Puroll added.

IFSJ Comment

This move by Perimeter Solutions is significant news in the firefighting community. Improving the understanding and application of foam can drastically enhance firefighting efficiency, reduce the resources required, and contribute to the safety of firefighters and the public.

This initiative aligns with our commitment to promote knowledge sharing and the use of advanced technologies for improving firefighting outcomes.

About Perimeter Solutions

Perimeter Solutions is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality firefighting products and lubricant additives. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, the company operates as an industry leader, providing advanced chemical solutions that drive performance and protection capabilities for customers across the globe.

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