Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire opts for MSA Safety breathing equipment

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Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire (PBF) has made the decision to choose respiratory protective gear manufactured by global safety equipment producer, MSA Safety, Inc.

The decision forms part of a contract worth $3.1 million.

The choice was concluded after thorough scrutiny by the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Fire Fighters Local No. 1.

MSA Safety’s advanced technology a deciding factor

The PBF is transitioning its self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) from the MSA FireHawk to the MSA G1 SCBA.

Several factors influenced this choice, among them were advanced technological capabilities, potential for future tech upgrades, and ergonomic considerations for user comfort.

Nish Vartanian, Chairman and CEO of MSA Safety, said: “We have a long-standing relationship with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire: as a local company rooted in western Pennsylvania for over a century, we are grateful that PBF continues to trust MSA in the protection of Pittsburgh’s first responders.”

Innovative features of the MSA G1 breathing equipment

The G1 SCBA is constructed at MSA Safety’s global HQ in Cranberry Township and assembled in their Murrysville facility.

The G1, which holds more than 15 patents, is a part of the MSA Connected Firefighter platform which enhances firefighter monitoring and communication.

Using Bluetooth technology, the G1 SCBA sends vital data, like cylinder air pressure and battery life, to leaders through MSA’s FireGrid System, a software that provides real-time data to incident commanders.

The ergonomic design of the G1, accompanied by an adjustable belt and wide shoulder straps, ensures the weight is more evenly spread, making it more comfortable for extended wear.

A notable feature of the G1 is its “Central Power”, which powers the unit from a singular, rechargeable battery compartment.

Vartanian added: “In developing the G1 apparatus, our aim was to produce the most forward-thinking firefighting platform.”

The Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire anticipates the delivery of the G1 SCBAs by year-end.

This department is tasked with safeguarding over 300,000 residents spanning the City of Pittsburgh and the adjacent Wilkinsburg and Ingram boroughs.

IFSJ Comment

The move by the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire in opting for MSA Safety’s advanced respiratory protective equipment is a significant indicator of the value and trust placed in innovative safety technology.

The G1 SCBA‘s integration of state-of-the-art tech, from its Bluetooth capabilities to its ergonomic design, showcases the future direction of firefighter safety.

Such developments can set precedence for other fire departments globally, emphasising the need for investing in advanced tools that not only protect our first responders but also optimise their operations during critical incidents.

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