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Powering Up: Emergency One gears up for Interschutz 2022

The UK’s largest manufacturer of fire and rescue vehicles, Emergency One, is set to attend Interschutz in Hannover on 20-25 of June. The company’s Managing Director, Mike Madsen, says the team are will be showcasing its offer to new and old customers alike, gearing up to present not one but two new appliances at the show.

After a successful launch of the world’s first fully electric fire engine the E1 EV0 in 2020, Emergency One is set to introducing the newest E1 EV0 to the public at Interschutz. The new E1 EV0 is fully equipped with Alison eGen Power 100D electric axle, providing optimal performance without the emissions. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the E1 EV0 mark II operates on battery power for both drive and pump capabilities. An additional onboard smart charge allows the user to extend its driving range and pump duration if required.

The eGen Power 100D electric axle integrates two high-speed electric motors and a multi-speed transmission, eliminating the need for additional drive shafts and support structures, allowing it to fit neatly between the wheels and leaving critical space for battery storage. With continuous power of 536 horsepower (400 kilowatts) and peak output power of 738 horsepower (550 kilowatts), the eGen Power 100D is among the most powerful propulsion solutions in its class, with a design tuned for high gradeability and high-top speed without sacrificing efficiency.

This, says Madsen, ensures Emergency One’s fire and rescue trucks will continue to deliver on performance and reliability, fast acceleration, and manoeuvrability in an application where failure is not an option, and every second counts.

“We are proud that the Emergency One E1 EV0 (Electric Vehicle, Zero Emissions) is the World’s first all-electric pumping appliance fully certified to BS EN1846 standard,” says Madsen. “The EV0 exceeds the standard’s requirements for driving range and pumping performance at zero emissions, whilst the optional onboard smart charger provides resilience at protracted incidents.”

The latest generation of the EV0 was recently purchased by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) as it pledged to move towards more sustainable practices. The EV0 as specified for SFRS carries the same inventory as a traditional pumping appliance, is one of the first of its kind in the UK and is the first to feature an all-electric rear drive axle installation.

SFRS has pledged to reduce its carbon footprint along with many fire services globally, which proves to be beneficial as it is estimated that an electric appliance will reduce emissions by 66% compared with a diesel appliance. For comparison, a diesel engine appliance will omit around 10.79KgCO2e over a typical distance of six miles whilst an equivalent electric powered appliance will omit 3.46KgCO2e over the same journey.

Making a Splash

Emergency one’s new E1-Manticore range of appliances will also be present at Interschutz and mark the vehicle range’s first public appearance. Designed and manufactured for airport and industrial use, the ARFF appliances are available in 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 configurations, all of which are manufactured to meet the requirements of NFPA414 and the relevant ICAO standards for the vehicle size and type. The range comes with the option for a full High Reach Extendable Turret packaging in either 16m or 20m iterations and boasts the largest cab in its class.

The Scania DC16 power-plants propelling the vehicles ensure that the vehicle type is one of the fastest in its class and are available in several Euro Emissions Standards to meet our customers’ requirements globally. The E1 Manticore is also available with the E1 EV0 technology coupling it with the Scania DC16 power-plant in a hybrid parallel drive solution, producing over 1000bhp.

The 6×6 configuration is the most popular size and is armed with a 12,500 litre water tank, 1500 litre foam tank, an 8000 litre per minute water pump which feeds a 6000 lire per minute joystick controlled roof monitor as well as a 2000 litre per minute bumper monitor. The vehicle locker and can layouts are completely configurable to meet the end user’s requirements.

International expansion

Emergency One are the largest manufacturer of fire and rescue appliances in the UK and are now expanding further into international markets. Incorporating Clan Tools and Plant Ltd (who supply Fire and Rescue operational equipment), Madsen says that Emergency One Group prides itself in creating the best possible experience for customers, with each vehicle being tailored to suit individual needs and requirements.

As well as being able to supply electric and airport firefighting appliances, Emergency One also produce an extensive range of vehicles from light, medium and super tenders; aerials and turntable ladders, command and control and a variety of special builds.

Beyond fire and rescue appliances, with innovation at the heart of the business, Emergency One also has bespoke design technology solutions such as e1Fleet, ePumpcontrol, eCabControl and eCleanCab.

e1Fleet is the manufacturer’s optional data-logging which unit allows users to connect via the Internet to all e1fleet-enabled Fire appliances, showing the current position and operational status of the fire appliance in real-time.

ePumpControl features nine or 13 freely programmable back-lit function keys, where each switch can be allocated various functions, such as a pre-set pump pressure (either High or Low Pressure), PTO engagement, valve operation (or any other system control) etc. With one touch of a switch the pump can be operating (and regulating) at any given level.

eCabControl features nine freely programmable back-lit function keys. Each switch can be allocated various functions, including all E-1 controlled systems. Graphical display of all safety related functions.

And eCleanCab is the HEPA Filtration System which can be fitted into any crew cab with hassle free installation. Removing at least 99.97% of airborne particulates, the eCleanCab is the perfect solution to providing clean air.

Going global

Since the launch of the E1 EV0 back in October 2020, Emergency One has seen an increase in export sales, ranging from North America, Malta, New Zealand and most recently France. Recent developments include providing REV Fire Group with electrical vehicle solutions as their technology partners in order to help bring American style electric fire trucks into the market. REV Fire Group which consists of E-ONE, KME, Ferrara, Spartan Fire Chassis, Spartan Emergency Response, Smeal and Ladder Tower presented the first North American-style fully electric fire truck during the Fire Department Instructors Conference in Indianapolis in April 2022. Madsen says this first vehicle marks the start of what will hopefully be a long term partnership, with many more builds to come.

Emergency One also recently secured an export contract for Electric Fire Appliances into Hérault Fire Service, France. Commenting on this news, Scottish Government Minister for Business Ivan McKee says: “Businesses such as Emergency One are using their expertise and ingenuity to unlock this potential. The new relationship with Hérault Fire Services has been secured against international competition and positions the company as a global leader in the sector. We congratulate Emergency One, wish it well and are delighted to support its efforts through the team at Scottish Enterprise.”

Madsen says: “Not only is the electric route safer for the environment but also the firefighters themselves and we are proud of the technology and progress to market of the E1 EV0 the world’s first fully electric fire appliance that highlights Scottish innovation.”

And on Interschutz he adds: “With the increase in natural disasters, political disagreements as a result of the Russian war against Ukraine and recovery from the corona virus pandemic, now more than ever it’s important for participants and attendees to come together and find solutions for the challenges of our time.”

Emergency One will be on stand R54 at the Interschutz trade fair in Hannover.

This article was originally published in the June edition of IFSJ. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.