Product spotlight: C-TEC’s ENVISION, a cloud-based IoT solution for remote access and monitoring

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C-TEC has announced the availability of ENVISION, its innovative cloud-based IoT solution.

ENVISION is designed to work seamlessly with C-TEC’s range of systems including CAST ZFP, XFP, Hush Pro, and EVAC-ALERT.

This development positions C-TEC at the forefront of fire safety technology, offering advanced features that stand out in the market.

Brian Foster, C-TEC’s UK Sales Manager, explained the significance of ENVISION: “Adding an ENVISION Gateway Hub to a CAST powered landlord system unlocks a host of features perfect for installers, maintainers, end users, duty holders and building safety managers.”

Remote system status checks and reporting from C-TEC

One of the key features of ENVISION is the ability to remotely check the status of a site.

The cloud-based nature of the system means that all events are stored online, facilitating easy remote access.

This capability enhances the efficiency of system management and offers a streamlined approach to maintaining safety standards.

Foster elaborated on the functionality of ENVISION: “As all ‘events’ are stored in the cloud, checking the status of a system from a remote location is simple.

“The software also allows users to generate powerful site-specific reports that can be scheduled to arrive daily, weekly, or monthly to help demonstrate due diligence via a verifiable audit trail.”

Real-time fire monitoring and system interrogation

ENVISION’s advanced features include an iOS and Android compatible Engineer App, which saves time and resources by allowing authorised personnel to interrogate a CAST system before visiting the site.

This helps in identifying any potential issues in advance.

Additionally, the system can monitor fires in real time and send notifications of fires, faults, tests, and other system alerts directly to a PC or smartphone.

Discussing the real-time monitoring capabilities, Foster said: “The system’s powerful graphics module also allows the progress of a fire to be monitored in real time anywhere with an internet connection on a user-uploaded site plan.

“If the fire service can see the fire spreading, they can evacuate dwellings at the turn of a switch.”

Foster also highlighted the broader impact of ENVISION on C-TEC’s offerings: “ENVISION strengthens C-TEC’s position as a complete systems provider as it allows engineers and responsible people to access pertinent information relating to our CAST fire system, our EVAC-ALERT BS 8629 evacuation alert system and our Hush Pro domestic fire system which are currently protecting thousands of people in high-rise residential buildings worldwide.”

IFSJ Comment

C-TEC’s cloud-based IoT solution enhances the capabilities of fire safety management by enabling remote access and monitoring, which is crucial for timely and effective responses to fire incidents.

ENVISION’s compatibility with existing C-TEC systems, combined with its innovative features like real-time fire monitoring and advanced reporting, marks a step forward in the industry, further establishing C-TEC as a leader in fire safety technology.

This development not only promises to improve the efficiency of fire safety management but also ensures a higher level of safety for residents and property managers in high-rise buildings.

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