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Pye-Barker Fire & Safety expands presence with acquisition of Comtron Systems

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Pye-Barker strengthens foothold in California market

Pye-Barker Fire & Safety, a fire protection, life safety and security services provider, has acquired Comtron Systems.

Comtron Systems, situated in Palm Desert, California, specialises in security, alarm and fire detection services.

This purchase marks Pye-Barker’s third acquisition in the Coachella Valley region of California.

The move solidifies the company’s market presence in the region and further broadens its service scope in California.

An aggressive acquisition strategy yields growth

It’s evident that Pye-Barker’s aggressive approach to acquisitions has fuelled its growth.

The company now boasts 175 branches scattered across 40 states. In 2023 alone, Pye-Barker has made a minimum of twelve acquisitions.

This is a close second to the 23 purchases completed in 2022.

Additionally, in June, Pye-Barker updated its brand image with a new logo, reflecting its rapid expansion.

Monty Sorensen, Owner of Comtron, remarked: “I knew Pye-Barker was the best choice for my team for future job growth opportunities, and they will take the best care of our customers moving forward.”

He added: “Pye-Barker has a big vision for life safety in the Valley, and our team is excited to grow with them.”

Comtron: Leveraging technology for safety

Comtron offers 24/7 monitoring and emergency response services, catering to burglar alarms, video surveillance, access control systems, fire alarms, and fire detection.

With over 35 years in operation, Comtron prides itself on utilising the most recent technological innovations in the sector.

The goal is to tailor systems that safeguard people and assets, catering to specific needs.

Bart Proctor, CEO at Pye-Barker, stated: “The Comtron team makes a great addition to the Pye-Barker family as we expand with the mission to provide full-service and fully integrated protection to every community.”

He also emphasised: “By making strategic acquisitions in key areas, we come together stronger and ready to protect our customers with integrated advanced fire, security and life safety offerings.”

In alignment with previous acquisitions by Pye-Barker, it was revealed that Comtron’s technicians, account representatives, and administrative personnel will remain, contributing to the firm’s expansion and serving the Californian clientele.

IFSJ Comment

The acquisition of Comtron Systems by Pye-Barker Fire & Safety underlines a broader trend of consolidation within the fire and safety industry.

Such moves facilitate the delivery of comprehensive, technologically advanced services that cater to the diverse needs of communities.

With Comtron’s expertise, coupled with Pye-Barker’s vast resources, clients and communities can expect enhanced, integrated fire, security and life safety services.

The continued growth and expansion of such companies signal a promising future for the industry, ensuring the utmost safety for residents and properties alike.

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