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Quelfire to exhibit at the Fire Safety Event 2024 with a new campaign focus

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Quelfire to showcase at the Fire Safety Event 2024 in Birmingham

Quelfire has announced its participation in the upcoming Fire Safety Event, scheduled from April 30 to May 2, 2024, at the NEC in Birmingham.

This event, dedicated to enhancing fire safety standards, offers CPD-accredited seminars, networking opportunities, and live demonstrations.

Quelfire’s presence at the event emphasizes its commitment to supporting the industry’s goal of maintaining high fire safety standards.

The company anticipates welcoming both new and existing customers to its stand during the event.

In the dynamic field of construction, staying informed is essential.

Quelfire’s stand this year, while continuing its focus on ‘Protecting People and Property,’ encourages an open dialogue on embracing responsibility within the construction industry.

This approach aligns with their new campaign, ‘BECAUSE IT’S YOUR JOB TO KNOW,’ focusing on the importance of early engagement in firestopping, collaboration, education, and the selection of suitably tested details.

Importance of passive fire protection

The need for passive fire protection has gained significant attention in the industry, especially following the Grenfell Tower tragedy and subsequent legislative changes.

These events have led to increased scrutiny and recognition of passive fire protection’s role.

Quelfire stresses the industry’s collective responsibility to understand its role in firestopping and to ensure compliant designs and installations.

Their goal is to emphasize the critical role of fire safety in saving lives.

Quelfire invites visitors to their stand to learn more about their responsibility in fire safety.

Additionally, Craig Wells, Sales Director, will be presenting at the Innovation & Compliance Theatre at 12:30 pm on the first day of the show.

His topic, ‘Effective Passive Fire Protection for Service Penetrations in Buildings,’ is expected to offer valuable insights into the industry.

The significance of Quelfire’s message

The fire safety industry faces constant evolution, making it vital for professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest practices and standards.

Quelfire’s participation in the Fire Safety Event 2024 and its new campaign highlight the importance of responsibility and knowledge in fire safety.

Their focus on early engagement, collaboration, and education in firestopping is crucial for industry professionals.

The company’s approach and message are timely, addressing the industry’s need to adapt and respond to changing regulations and safety standards.

IFSJ Comment

Quelfire’s emphasis on fire safety at the Fire Safety Event 2024 underlines the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in the industry.

Their campaign, ‘BECAUSE IT’S YOUR JOB TO KNOW,’ aptly captures the essence of professional responsibility in fire safety.

Events like these, which facilitate knowledge-sharing and networking, are crucial in shaping the future of fire safety standards and practices.

Quelfire’s proactive stance serves as an example for the industry, highlighting the need for ongoing education and awareness in the realm of fire safety.

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