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Ramtech introduces its wireless evacuation system to Australia

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Ramtech’s WES3 system gains momentum in Australian construction sites

Global wireless solutions provider, Ramtech, has unveiled its WES3 Wireless Evacuation and Nurse Call System in Australia, marking a notable expansion of the company’s international presence.

The emergency system is fast becoming a preference for enhancing worker safety on construction sites.

A remarkable test of efficiency

Through collaboration with local partners, Ramtech recently showcased its WES3 system at a construction project overseen by Built in Perth.

The system demonstrated its efficacy during a mock emergency exercise, ensuring the safe evacuation of 65 individuals from a four-storey commercial property in a mere four minutes.

James Pecz, Ramtech’s global business development manager, shared his views: “Worker safety should be a priority at all construction sites, with every danger, especially fire, accounted for.

“WES3 has solidified its position as a dependable emergency system globally.

“We’re deeply honoured to introduce this system to Australia and reshape the outlook on site safety.”

Additional successful deployments

Furthermore, Ramtech has received accolades for its successful integration of the WES3 system with renowned global construction firm, Multiplex, and commercial contracting expert, PACT.

One standout feature, the nurse call component, has empowered these companies to efficiently convey medical emergencies without triggering a site-wide alert.

Pecz continued: “It’s a pivotal moment for Ramtech. Our presence spans over 15 regions in Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

“Observing these systems operational in Australia, forging strong ties in the contractor domain, underscores their significance for digital construction.

“Many project overseers are now transitioning from traditional, antiquated fire safety approaches.

“We’re eager to augment our initial accomplishments in a market we’ve always aspired to engage.”

Technical insights into WES3

The Australian version of the WES3 system is a state-of-the-art temporary wireless fire alarm solution.

This system encompasses manual fire and medical alarm call points, tailored to a project’s Fire Plan.

The interlinking design ensures that all sections receive uniform audible and visual alerts, even if a fire is limited to a specific area.

The system’s mesh protocol enhances its reliability, allowing it to bypass common signal barriers like steel infrastructures.

Adding another layer of sophistication, Ramtech’s cloud platform, REACT, offers precise, instantaneous, and tailored alerts regarding incidents and alarm activations.

Relevant staff members receive immediate notifications through various mediums such as mobile apps, text messages, or emails, regardless of their location.

REACT further enriches its service by providing essential documents like site fire plans and additional directives.

IFSJ Comment

The rapid globalisation of construction safety protocols is a trend that’s impossible to ignore.

Ramtech’s recent venture into the Australian market illustrates the increasing reliance on advanced technological solutions to ensure worker safety.

The WES3 system, with its cloud-integrated features and efficient emergency response mechanisms, is a testament to the evolving landscape of site safety measures.

As more companies seek to adopt cutting-edge safety solutions, it remains to be seen how such technologies will further influence and reshape the industry standards globally.

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