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Restaurant and hotel fire in Patna results in casualties and injuries


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Overview of the incident

A major fire broke out in a restaurant and hotel complex in Patna, the capital of Bihar state, leading to the deaths of six individuals and injuries to twenty others.

The incident occurred on Thursday when a cooking gas cylinder exploded while patrons were dining, causing flames to rapidly spread to the adjacent hotel.

Firefighting teams promptly responded, rescuing at least 40 people from the engulfed buildings.

More than a dozen fire engines were deployed to control and eventually extinguish the fire.

Satya Prakash, a local fire officer, provided these details while highlighting the challenging conditions faced by the rescue teams due to the hotel’s location in a congested area near Patna‚Äôs railroad station.

Details of the fire and rescue operations

According to Officer Prakash, several vehicles parked near the hotel were completely destroyed.

The intensity of the fire forced some hotel guests to take drastic measures, including jumping from their room windows, which resulted in injuries.

The hotel and restaurant, situated in a tightly packed district, experienced rapid fire spread, complicating evacuation and rescue operations.

Firefighters had to navigate through the dense smoke and debris to reach and assist trapped individuals.

Context of fire safety in India

Fires are a frequent hazard in India, often exacerbated by the disregard for building laws and safety regulations.

This tragic event underscores the ongoing issues related to fire safety management in densely populated urban environments.

Past incidents, such as the 2019 fire in New Delhi caused by an electrical short circuit that killed 43 people, and another in 2022 killing 27, reflect a disturbing trend of devastating fires with significant casualties.

These events highlight the critical need for enhanced enforcement of safety codes and better fire prevention strategies across the country.

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