ROCKWOOL ranks amongst world’s most sustainable building products companies

ROCKWOOL Grange University Hospital PR Image

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In this year’s Global 100 sustainability ranking from Corporate Knights, ROCKWOOL has been recognised as one of the most sustainable companies in the world overall and the global sustainability leader among Building Products companies.

The annual Corporate Knights Global 100 ranking quantitatively compares and ranks the world’s largest publicly traded companies, emphasising equally the negative impact of a company’s operations as well as the positive impact of its core products and services on people and the planet.

The ranking is based on a rigorous assessment of 6,720 companies with more than 1 BUSD in revenues. According to Corporate Knights, the Global 100 companies also outperform financially, with net total returns beating the MSCI ACWI and other ESG indices since the ranking was created in 2005.

The core material for ROCKWOOL products is stone wool. Made from volcanic rock, it is fully recyclable with multiple inherent properties that make it ideal for many applications. ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation saves far more energy and CO2 – actually 100 times more – than is consumed and emitted during its production.

ROCKWOOL Senior Vice President Mirella Vitale commented on the placement: “We are honoured to be included in the Global 100 together with so many respected companies and to be ranked #1 among building products companies.

“We still have work to do in some areas, but as an energy-intensive heavy manufacturing company, it is especially encouraging to be recognised both for the positive impact of ROCKWOOL products as well as our efforts to decarbonise and otherwise reduce the impact of our operations”.

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