Roscam residents gain enhanced fire safety with Advanced protection panels

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Revamped fire safety measures in Roscam apartments

Leading manufacturer of fire protection solutions, Advanced, has equipped Roscam, County Galway, Ireland’s residential buildings with its intelligent fire panels.

Eight apartment blocks within Roscam now have advanced protection, specifically through the use of Advanced’s Go, the company’s latest single-loop fire alarm control panel.

The task of system replacement and upgrade was undertaken by Securecom Claddagh Ltd, a trusted provider of fire and security services, which ensured each three-storey apartment block received a Go panel.

Efficient integration for comprehensive coverage in Roscam residences

Each building now has a Go panel installed close to the main entrance, ensuring the hallways and landlord areas are covered.

These panels have been seamlessly integrated with Apollo detectors, and a fire-specific remote monitoring device from CSL that communicates with an alarm receiving centre.

This ensures that the necessary key holders are promptly notified in case of any alarm trigger.

Securecom Claddagh Ltd has been utilising Advanced’s fire panels for its various projects for several years, acknowledging their simple programming, consistent site-wide standardisation and their ability to allow effective technical support from Advanced during any faults or unwanted alarms.

Jason Small, Director at Securecom Claddagh, said: “Advanced supplies fantastic equipment, which is very reliable and offers the same interface whether installing a Go panel on a small site or using an MxPro 5 fire panel for a larger networked site, such as a hotel or factory.”

Advanced’s Go panels: A boon for fire safety in Roscam and beyond

Neil Parkin, the North Sales Manager for Advanced, remarked: “Our Go fire panel features the same interface as our other Advanced fire panels, which means fire and security providers are familiar with how they work, ensuring quick installation.

“The Go provides sophisticated Advanced configuration but with a single loop making it ideal for small or standalone projects, like the Roscam apartment buildings, that still want robust fire protection to offer real peace of mind.”

With a wide range of applications from restaurants and guesthouses to small offices and shops, the Go panels have proven to be cost-efficient while providing maximum functionality, even for small-site budgets.

Furthermore, they offer compatibility with three leading detector protocols, providing wired and wireless options, as well as greater freedom over design and maintenance provider costs.

IFSJ Comment

The replacement of an ageing fire alarm system with Advanced’s new-generation Go panels in Roscam apartments serves as a model case of technology enhancing safety standards.

These advancements and their effective implementation could encourage similar upgrades in residential complexes worldwide, contributing to global fire safety improvement.

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