Rosenbauer redesigns RDS Connected Command app for enhanced operations management

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Newly developed skills management for streamlined emergency response

Rosenbauer, a global leader in firefighting technology, has unveiled a fresh design for its operations management application, RDS Connected Command. This redevelopment equips the app with additional features, including a unique skills management system. This provides users with a clear summary of the qualifications of available emergency crews, thereby streamlining operations.

The RDS Connected Command app is digitally transforming operational events, catering for the growing needs of fire departments and other blue-light organisations. This support extends to alerts, situation management, and internal communication. The user interface is intuitively designed to distinguish between operational and general information.

Intuitive colour-coded system for immediate operational details

On triggering an alarm, the app’s colour code changes from blue/green to red, indicating an operations mode. All crucial operational details are then promptly displayed, with status updates and live tracking being carried out automatically. The app also assists with the documentation and logging of operations.

The importance of skills management in a resource-constrained environment cannot be overstated. This functionality of the app provides a swift confirmation of whether all necessary specialists are available for an operation. The logged-in participants and their skills, such as SCBA crew, drone pilot, etc., can be viewed at a glance, clarifying if additional alerts are required.

Encrypted chat function and versatile application use

Rosenbauer’s RDS Connected Command app also boasts an improved chat function, facilitating seamless communication through individual or group chats. It further provides quick access to maps, contact details of colleagues, and infrastructure information, such as building plans in the entire operational area.

The versatility of the RDS Connected Command app is noteworthy, whether used for coordination during alerts or as an organisational tool for events. Importantly, all data, including chat histories and events, are encrypted and decrypted directly on the sender’s or recipient’s device, ensuring a secure exchange of information.

This newly redesigned app is now available for download on Android and iOS devices from the Google Play Store and the App Store. While the basic version is available free of charge, a premium version provides further functionalities, such as push notifications for assignments, extended skills management, and an access and rights system.

About Rosenbauer

Rosenbauer is a global leader in firefighting and emergency service equipment, with a steadfast commitment to delivering reliable and efficient solutions for firefighting and disaster response. The company’s state-of-the-art innovations have been providing vital support to fire departments and blue-light organisations for years.

IFSJ Comment

This significant update to the RDS Connected Command app will undoubtedly enhance operations management, making it easier for emergency services to respond swiftly and effectively. It’s a vital tool in the ever-evolving digital age, helping save lives and property.

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