Rosenbauer revolutionises roadside assistance with new generator

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The new RS 14 power generator will fast-charge broken down electric vehicles

Leading manufacturer of firefighting equipment, Rosenbauer, has announced the launch of a new solution for stranded electric vehicles: the RS 14 power generator and matching quick charger. The combination enables mobile charging with an output power of 10.88 kW, equivalent to that of modern wallboxes.

The RS 14 power generator is capable of providing continuous energy for hours and can be used as an emergency power supply during disasters and for charging several batteries in succession during roadside assistance.

The quick charger, which charges all current electric vehicles, has a standardised type 2 plug on the vehicle side and a 400V/16A CEE plug on the other side for fast transmission of three-phase alternating current at 400 V, resulting in 11 kW of power for charging an electric car using all three phases. Residual current monitoring is also integrated to guarantee safe charging of a wide range of electric vehicles.

Roadside assistance

With this new solution, electric vehicles no longer need to be transported away on the loading platform of a roadside assistance vehicle or towed, which can damage the control electronics if the on-board system is not activated. Instead, the RS 14 power generator and quick charger combination provides a faster, less complicated, and more efficient alternative.

The RS 14 is the lightest and most compact unit in its power class (14 kVA), making it suitable for mounting in emergency or roadside assistance vehicles, or permanently installed, transported on trailers with a custom-fit weather protection tarp and equipped with a wheel set to ensure easier handling and quick manual transport to the site of operation.

This elegant retrofit solution is recommended for towing companies, motorist clubs, and fire departments that already have vehicles with a power generator on board. The combination of power generator and quick charger provides a mobile emergency charger for broken-down electric vehicles.

An increasing necessity?

The quick-charging service is expected to become increasingly necessary in the future, as seen in the US, where it is already possible to call mobile chargers to recharge the battery for the journey to the next charging station if the electric vehicle has come to a standstill.

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